• This song is about feeling angry and used. The message: when you feel like that, you're not on your own, and if you feel that way you might want to "start a riot," meaning get it out of your system. >>
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    Sam - Cary, NC
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  • Drake from Huntington Beach, CaWeird. Hearing this song makes me think about Killing Floor, the lyrics seem to match up to what the English survivors are feeling and the tone is perfect for lining up failed experiments and chopping them up one after another. To bad it's not an Easter egg, but if it was that would be epic. Left 4 Dead is another game that would be good with this song.
  • Roach from Nowhere, GermanyWhen I hear this song I have to think about all the people being bullied. There are so many of them and they all feel alone. It sounds like this song is about many bullied pupils starting a riot against the bullies.
  • Corey from Richmond, VaMy favorite Three Days Grace song! Love the band can't wait to get there new CD!
  • Katie from Ellicott City, Mdthis song is so perfect to listen to when ur pissed off. it sorta makes me even angrier but it makes me feel like i could actually do something about it against those f--kers...
  • Hannah from Annapolis,But now my Spanish teacher is freakishly nice to me (still bipolar though) because i threatened to leave the school (which i am so HA STUPID SPANISH TEACHER!!!!) and so now she feels that she has to treat me nicely because when i leave there's going to be a huge cut in her pay check!!! Mwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! And the creepy stalker man teacher was fired for all you who cared.
  • Hannah from Annapolis,This is the best song to listen to when your so pissed off at the world. Like one time (not that any of you care but it's really funny) my stupid Spanish teacher was like breathing down my neck all the time and being really annoying and bipolar and she kept like yelling at me and then she sent me to the principal's office for "smirking" (which was freaking hilarious by the way) and i mean she was crazy!!! And she yelled and was being all lesbian and cornering me infront of the girls bathroom telling me everything that i ever did wrong in the world and well ya. So i was like really pissed because she was being terrible and then i had like the weird creepy stalker man teacher who was dumber than a doornail he and was annoying as crap. So my point is i was pissed and i listened to this song (while invisioning pitchforks and torches) and it made me feel better.
  • Jacob from Rocky Mount, NcThis song is awesome! Something to dance to, something to scream to, and something to jump of stairs to! (hehe) But really the song didn't have to say f***** up, just messed up. The walmart cd should have included the radio edit. But still a great song!
  • Tonya from Sharon Grove, KyI love this song and it's fun to dance to with your guy friends!!!;)
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