Album: Three Days Grace (2003)


  • At a 2006 show in Vancouver, lead singer Adam Gontier stated that this song was created after the band stayed at a hotel that they where told was haunted. They laughed this off and thought nothing of it, but then he discovered that there was a spook there named Emily who scared the living hell out of him every night he stayed there. >>
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    Christina - Sea Side, Canada

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  • Roach from Nowhere, GermanyI think this song is also about hearing something but regretting because now you know something that makes you sad, sick or scared. The ghost was just the idea.
  • Emily from Coulmbia, Tnlol my name is Emily.
  • Joshua from Brazil, Into practice in a old barn is better the a garage cause no1 will interupt...the song is a great song...being alone can bring the emotions out beter..heince the old barn
  • Kyle from Egmondville, CanadaI heard the same story in London, Ontario... except I think it was an old barn... lol but why would they stay in an old barn? Maybe practises back in the day... lol I don't know.
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