I Love U

Album: released as a single (2007)
  • This song is about how Tila likes a guy and all she wants is to have sex with him, but she's warning him if he does anything, he's in trouble ("If you ever hurt me, i'll F***in kill you!"). She tends to notice throughout the song that there are other girls he likes ("What? who're talkin to?") or that he's not even paying attention to the fact that she's there or that she really wants to get in bed with him ("Hold up! do you see me laughing?"). >>
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    Lilly - East meadow, NY
  • Tila Tequila set a record for the most MySpace views, and in 2007 was given her own reality show on MTV: A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, the twist being the both men and women would compete for the affections of the bisexual singer. A modified version of this song was used as the show's theme.

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  • Riff45 from Wilson, NcThis song is crazy. If you kill somebody, you're going to prison.
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