The Rest of Our Life

Album: The Rest of Our Life (2017)


  • This piano-driven song finds Tim McGraw and Faith Hill singing from the point of view of a couple considering marriage. The country power couple sing as two lovebirds who have yet to visit the altar.
  • The track was written by Ed Sheeran with some of frequent collaborators: Steve Mac, Johnny McDaid and Amy Wadge. The English hitmaker co-wrote "Shape Of You" with Mac and McDaid, and co-penned "Thinking Out Loud" with Wadge.
  • The song resonated with both McGraw and Hill: "Both Tim and I agreed the first time we heard that song, it reminded me of us, and the feeling that we had the first time that we admitted and decided that we were gonna be married," Hill said.

    "There was a comfort and a security about that moment that resonates in this song," McGraw added. "It's got such an intimacy to it; I think that's what really attracted us as well."
  • The song's sweet but dramatic music video, directed by Grant Singer, differs from the song's lyrical content by showing the couple having a row. However it ultimately demonstrates the commitment of a couple married for many years.

    "[Singer] captured the essence of the song in a way that was a little juxtaposed from the actual lyric of the song," Hill said in a behind the scenes film. "His vision for it was so unique," McGraw added. "To take the song and turn it into an argument was really a cool idea."
  • A pair of Australian songwriters issued a lawsuit against Ed Sheeran, Johnny McDaid, Steve Mac and Amy Wadge in January 2018. Sean Carey and Beau Golden claimed this song blatantly copies their 2015 track "When I Found You," which was released by co-writer and recording artist Jasmine Rae and was a #2 Country hit in Australia. Carey and Golden sought at least $5 million in actual damages plus profits, along with an injunction for the song to be permanently blocked.

    The complaint states: "The copying is, in many instances, verbatim, note-for-note copying of original elements of the Song, and is obvious to the ordinary observer." The suit also points out that Rae is in a relationship with Sony marketing manager Tim Holland, who was tasked with promoting the McGraw and Hill song.

    Carey and Golden's lawyer is Richard Busch, who has form regarding copyright complaints. He was was also behind the $20 million lawsuit against Ed Sheeran over the song "Photograph." Busch also successfully won the landmark trial for the family of Marvin Gaye in the "Blurred Lines" case.

    Sheeran filed a counter-suit a couple of months later denying any similarity between the songs. He described the track as "an originally and independently created musical composition."

    Legal reps for Carey and Golden informed the court in November 2018 that a settlement had been agreed between all parties.

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  • Catherine Todd from Oxford Nc And Lake Atitlan, GuatemalaGreat song. We need more like this!
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