Here On Earth

Album: Here on Earth (2020)


  • Jessie Jo Dillon, Chase McGill and Jon Nite co-wrote this song, which explores why we're "here on Earth." After singing of strumming guitars and wandering through wonder years in the search of the meaning of life, Tim McGraw concludes that the answer lies right in front of him.

    It's like you've opened my eyes for the very first time
    Yeah, lovin' you is why I'm here on Earth

    McGraw's purpose on this spinning globe is to love his family.
  • McGraw explained to ABC Audio and other media outlets that what drew him to the song is the way it tells a story from start to finish. "It sort of tells it in a lyrical way, about meeting for the first time and, you know, having kids and what life's like and what the meaning of life is, Here on Earth," he said. "It talks about what all that means and how important it is. And that's what being here really means."

    McGraw added that he chose to title his 16th studio album after this song because it sums up the theme of the record, which is "vignettes of life."


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