Here Tonight

Album: Damn Country Music (2015)
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  • Tim McGraw kicks off his Damn Country Music album with a duet. His vocal partner on the song is none other than the singer's firstborn Gracie McGraw. The Nashville star admitted to The Boot that he was "scared" to ask his daughter to join her daddy on this song. "I was just making the record," McGraw said. "I certainly didn't plan on having her sing on it or anything."

    "I was doing this song, and as I was doing the vocal on it, I was thinking, 'Man, I bet Gracie's vocal would sound really cool on this,'" he continued. "I just knew the way she sang, because she's my daughter, and I know how she sings."

    "She had such an energy," the proud father added. "If you're in a room and Gracie walks in, you know she's there before you ever turn around. She just has this energy about her when she walks into a place. And when she sings, it's the same way. Every time I'd go home at night after being in the studio, I'd just hear her voice on this record."
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