• In Tokio Hotel's native German this song's title is "Geisterfahrer." The band recorded both German and English versions of Humanoid and in an interview for iTunes, the interviewer made the comment that there must have been problems translating this song into English. He asked singer Bill Kaulitz if he was satisfied with the result. The Tokio Hotel singer replied: "That was actually a really good thing about this whole production, we made all the songs in both languages from the start. We noticed really fast that we wouldn't translate word-by-word, because every version is different. If we compare an English and a German song, the theme is of course the same but one version goes more into that direction, and the other in a different direction. They are two different songs." He added: "We didn't want to make any compromises with the lyrics, and like this, both songs have a cool message, and both songs sound good!"


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