Every Step That I Take

Album: The Atlas Underground (2018)
  • Co-written by Tom Morello and Cage the Elephant's Matt Shultz and featuring the voice of
    Portugal.The Man's Johnny Gourley, this song tackles the stigma surrounding mental health.

    The Prophets Of Rage guitarist told The Chicago Tribune he's witnessed family and friends suffering from mental illness issues in the past. He believes "there's a current trend toward this demystification to encourage people, among your friends, loved ones and professionals, there is help and there are ways."

    Morello added that this song "is about how the dreams, and depression, and love and the lack of it on the emotional steps of the gallows are processed."
  • Tom Morello played with vocalist Chris Cornell for five years during his tenure in Audioslave. The guitarist was inspired to create "Every Step That I Take" after the singer took his life in July 2017. He teamed up with suicide prevention charity SAVE in order to shed light on mental health issues in light of Cornell's death.

    "With the passing of Chris over a year ago, and the momentum towards removing the stigma from mental health issues and suicidal thoughts, it was very important to have a song from that point of view," Morello said.

    "You know, you break your arm - it's not a stigma to go to the hospital to get it set," he added. "Hopefully we're able to start looking at suicidal thoughts and depression in the same way that can materially save lives."
  • Directed by Sean Evans, the dark and gloomy video is a modern take on the story of Joe Hill, a labor activist who was executed by a Utah firing squad in 1915 after being convicted of murder. He was then unceremoniously cremated. Many, including Tom Morello, believe that he was wrongly convicted due to his position in the labor movement.

    "They pinned a heart and crosshairs to his chest so the firing squad wouldn't miss," said Morello. "His ashes were mailed to the four corners of the world. And from those ashes generations of new revolutionaries continue to rise."


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