Album: The Kids Are Coming (2019)
  • Tones and I (real name Toni Watson) was born and raised in Mount Martha on the Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. This song harks back to a time when she was living in a cabin in the middle of the bush. For four days a week she wrote music, then she'd play her songs on the streets over the next few nights. However, Watson was struggling to juggle all this with her retail job and had little time to spend with her friends. Here, she recalls the day one Sunday afternoon in the summer of 2017 that they encouraged her to give up her job and concentrate on her music.

    Sweet talks on a Sunday afternoon
    Never hold you down, all the wilds and the truth
    And I know that you'll remember me‚ oh‚ back in time

    Said Watson to Apple Music: "It was the day they told me I had to quit my job and go busk because they knew that's what I wanted to do. And if I couldn't pay rent, they were going to support me. It's a song to say, 'No matter how far away I am or you are, you're always on my mind.'"
  • In September 2017, Watson traveled to Byron Bay, New South Wales, to try busking there. She had a good response, so Watson quit her job to pursue a full-time music career. She wrote the song "Dance Monkey" about those busking days.
  • Watson sings about wild weeks with no sleep and "now you're colourblind" in the first verse. However, it is unclear why she titled the song "Colourblind" and how this fits with the rest of the song.


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