Trey Songz

November 28, 1984
  • The R&B/hip-hop star was born Tremaine Aldon Neverson in Petersburg, Virginia.
  • Always a shy kid, Trey was reluctant to sing in front of others. "Singing wasn't a reality for me, until other people started noticing I sounded good," he told Vibe. With encouragement from friends and family, he started performing in local talent shows as a teen, where he was discovered by record producer Troy Taylor.
  • He started a buzz with his track "Open the Closet," an answer song to R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet." Shortly after, he released his debut album, I Gotta Make It, in 2005. It debuted at #20 on the Billboard 200.
  • He finally broke into the Top 40 on the pop charts with the single "Can't Help But Wait," from his second album, Trey Day (2007). The track also earned him his first Grammy Award nomination for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance.
  • Trey is also an actor. He scored his first leading role in the 2013 slasher flick Texas Chainsaw 3D.
  • He has a tattoo on his chest dedicated to his mother (April), brother (Forrest), and grandmother (Rose), respectively: "To God I pray may April's shower's rain on her Forrest and grow the strength that started with one Rose."
  • On the MTV series When I Was 17, Trey explained that he was a hot commodity during prom season because of his barber skills. There was a downside to having so many clients, though. "My clippers got so hot. I remembered I messed my homeboy's head up so bad, he had scars for, like, the next two days."


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