Lover's Day

Album: Dear Science (2008)


  • Guitarist Kyp Malone (from Rolling Stone): "I wrote it specifically to be a gender-neutral, sex-positive love song so anyone can apply it any aspect of life. But any time my daughter hears it, she says, 'That's for Jessie.' She's my girlfriend. Sex is the spice of life, you know. It's how we all got here. A lot of songs that are sex positive are very predatory - it's within the binary of gender politics. That's boring to me. It's not reflective of the world we live in."
  • Vocalist Tunde Adebimpe explained the album title to Rolling Stone): "Dave (Sitek) had written this letter addressed to science in kind of a kid's handwriting and it said, 'Dear Science, please fix all the things you keep talking about or shut up.' And that ended up in the washer when we were picking titles. I think we're going to post all of the titles, because while we were recording the record, everyone would give their two cents as to what the title should be. There's a long, long list of horrible titles. Dear Science is probably the most tasteful of all of those."


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