Nobody Dies Anymore


  • This is a track from Sukierae, the debut album by Tweedy, a side project formed by Jeff Tweedy and his son Spencer. This song finds him reflecting on the ongoing troubles in his home city. "Chicago has a horrible problem with gun violence, and it was an attempt to write about that," he told Uncut magazine. "It still has images of candlelight vigils on crappy, low-income street-corners, with beer being poured out on the street."
  • Sukierae is titled after Jeff Tweedy's wife and Spencer's mother Sue "Sukie" Miller, whose fight with cancer during its recording influenced the lyrical content. Jeff Tweedy told Uncut: "That was written way before anything happened with my wife's cancer diagnosis. And one of the ways that we discovered the malignancy in my wife's bones is that she had a broken backbone, a collapsed vertebrae. And now when I sing that song, I think, 'Oh my God, that's so strange.'"


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