Another Day
by U2

Album: released as a single (1979)
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  • Bono: (from the book Race Of Angels): "I remember getting Edge an echo unit and saying, Use this, because this will get us to another place. This will get us outside of the concrete - into the abstract. I just knew that the echo unit would do that. Atmospheres - we were very interested in atmospheric music. Punk started to look incredibly limited. It seemed so rigid, not just musically, but it started to have a rulebook and codes. And then I remember Joy Division came along, and I really related to that, because of the moods and atmosphere. And David Bowie's Low - that was very interesting. That's where we were. So we started with that thing." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • This was U2's second single. It was released only in Ireland and does not appear on any albums.
  • This went to #1 in Ireland, convincing Island Records to sign the band.
  • The B-side contained an early version of "Twilight."
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