by U2

Album: Pop (1997)
Charted: 1 10
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  • This was U2's first experiment with Electronica. Disc jockey Howie B put together the backing track. It was a popular song in dance clubs, but alienated many of U2's fans.
  • "'Discotheque' is a riddle about love," Bono explained in the book U2 by U2. "Once you know that, it changes the way you hear the song. 'You can reach but you can't grab it, you can't hold it, control it, you can't bag it.'"
  • This was the first single from Pop, an album dedicated to their friend Bill Graham. Graham, who co-founded Hot Press magazine, died on May 11, 1996 at age 44.
  • The band had to learn this quickly for their Popmart Tour. It was an elaborate show, and they did not have proper time to rehearse, making this very difficult to perform. On that tour, it was the first song in the encore. They would emerge from a giant lemon for the performance. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • U2 performed this on their 2001 Elevation Tour. Bono mixed in some Donna Summer lyrics with it.
  • In the UK, this went to #1 the first week it was released.
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  • Nick from La Paz, BoliviaTo Hebrew, St. Paul: Is this the only song you've ever heard from U2? You need to pay more attention to Bono's lyrics my friend. I personally love this song and the album, i think it's way too underrated. Pop was a bizarre masterpiece depicting a self-parody of the band. I agree that it sound incomplete but that's because they were rushed to finish it in order to fit with their tour schedule, that's why they re-recorded the singles to feel more satisfied with the results. I wish everyone could see the greatness of this album, but anyway, i respect all the opinions. Cheers!
  • Davíd from Woburn, MaFirst, I'm with Sam from Singapore. Don't hate on Bono; he is one of the more gifted song-writers in rock music. Second, this song is hilarious. It's annoyingly catchy and great to run to.
  • Samuel from Singapore, Singapore@ Hebrew, St Paul: Write about his own heartache and loss of God? Let's see. Bono has written about the loss of his mother as a child, his spiritual struggle as a celebrity, his estranged relationship with his father, his throat cancer scare and brush with mortality, the loss of his father to cancer, as well as the leukemia suffering of his god-daughter (Edge's daughter). That enough for you?
  • Lance from Clinton Corners, NyGuess I am a minorily - I am a huge U2 fan, and I love the song. I also heard the re-mix version on Best of U2 1990-2000 and that is terrible. It needs the techno sounds. As for the criticism, why? They sounded good, and what is wrong with broadening thier skills? Why be boxed into one sound? The versatility made me even more of a fan.
  • Dora from Doha, QatarI actually liked this song even though this far from U2. The sounds are cool too!
  • Hebrew from St. Paul, MnThis is typical Bono. He sees a little on the surface, then thinks he's an expert on the subject. So much so that he writes a ridiculous song about it. I gotta admit though, his genius is his ability to come of like he knows. For once I would like to hear him write about his own "heartache and loss of God" instead of living vicariously through others.
  • Mark from Austin, Tx"You know you're chewin' bubble gum." Seriously?!?!
    Blech. My vote for worst U2 song ever. This and "Lemon," actually. Otherwise, the album is alright. It has some great songs and some mediocre songs.
  • Fabricio from Buenos Aires, ArgentinaThe video for this song is very cool, it features U2 as the Village People (Bono: policeman; Edge: hardcore biker; Larry: Cowboy and Adam: Sailor) and they get to dance a little too.
  • Lily from Godrics Hallow, Englandyeah i argree that it has alienated many U2 fans but i like it. i know some of U2s most devoted fans and they hate it!
  • Iara from Santiago, Chilesome people consider this album like the worst of their career.Well,i don't care,i don't like too much U2,i'm just waiting for February 26 to go and have fun with Franz Ferdinand!
  • Shehryar from Islamabad, PakistanBono said it's a simple riddle about love... derived from club life, ecstasy... 'you just can't get enough of that lovey-dovey stuff'
  • Beau from Phoenix, AzIt's about a girl lusting over a guy in a disco.
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