Raised by Wolves
by U2

Album: Songs of Innocence (2014)


  • This song talks about Bono growing up in a tough part of Dublin during 'The Troubles' as he recounts the true story of a deadly car-bombing in his home city. "It was a real incident that happened in our country where three car bombs were set to go off at the same time in Dublin on a Friday night, 5:30," Bono recalled to Rolling Stone, "On any other Friday I would have been at this record shop, just down the corner, but I cycled to school that day."

    "The bomb tore apart the street," he continued. "I escaped but one of my mates was around the corner with his father, and it was a very hard thing for him to witness and I'm not sure he really got over it."
  • The track namechecks the registration plate of the blue Ford Escort used in the bombings, 1385WZ.
  • Speaking to The Observer, Bono wondered if the experience outlined in this track is one reason why he's drawn to protest songs. "Why do I write songs about political violence?" he asked. "Where is that coming from?"

    "And I think that's why," he continued. "It was very disturbing to realise that my teenage life was largely dominated by memories of violence and that my worldview was shaped by that. It might mean some sort of psychological flaw in me, but I feel most comfortable in the middle of the biggest, noisiest, most chaotic, howling argument."

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  • Philippe from Yellowknife, CanadaI suspect that this song could possibly be on the soundtrack of a movie supposed to be release next year. Here is what I found after a little research...

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