• 5150 is police code for an escaped psychiatric patient. It is also the name of Eddie Van Halen's studio. In 1983 the 5150 Studio was built; it begins as a forty-foot-long room with an adjustable ceiling height of up to 18 feet. >>
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  • Joe from SfIn the film "Collateral" Tom Cruise shoots a guy who later appears in the morgue with "5150" tattooed on his eye lid. Two possibilities: the Van Halen song or the 72-hour psychiatric hold. Based on the guy's career choice, I'll go with the latter... Greg House is correct.
  • Greg House from Columbia, ScActually 5150 is the code for involuntary psychiatric hold.
  • Jason from Florence, KyThe version Simon is speaking of is by a band called Charge. They were based out of New Orleans, I belive. I think they changed lead singers and moved to Vegas.
  • Jason from Florence, KyA great song off a great album...one of VH's best of either era (don't even bring up Gary), IMO. By the way, the version Simon is referring to (the one that sounds like Axl Rose singing) is by the band Charge.
  • Simon from Nijmegen, NetherlandsOn the internet there is a fake going 'round that would like us to believe that axl rose is singing with ed and the guys.. No dice. Don't know who these guys are but it's pretty good
  • Eric from Salt Lake City, UtI love this song. It was the song that sold me on Sammy Hagar replacing Dave. The rest of the album was great, but this was the clincher.
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