I'm The One

Album: Van Halen (1978)


  • A track from Van Halen's first album, "I'm The One" is a great introduction to the band, with David Lee Roth spelling it out in the first line: "We came here to entertain you." The exuberant track is driven by Eddie Van Halen's guitar, giving us an early listen to his unique tone.
  • A version by 4 Non Blondes appeared in the 1994 movie Airheads in a scene where the main characters take over a radio station. Linda Perry, who has gone on to write songs for Pink and Christina Aguilera, was lead singer of 4 Non Blondes. She is very good at singing like male rock singers, and a lot of people had no idea the version in Airheads wasn't Van Halen. Perry did a convincing Robert Plant when 4 Non Blondes recorded "Misty Mountain Hop" for the Led Zeppelin tribute album Encomium.
  • Alex Van Halen used a double-kick drum on this song - something he also did on "Hot For Teacher." When 4 Non Blondes recorded it, their drummer, Dawn Richardson, learned how to use a double-kick three days before they recorded it.

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  • Smoothie from Chicago, IlThis song makes me feel like i'm on train careening down the tracks barely hanging on.. so much energy and seems like it was locked up and finally released. The guitar leads on this are phenomenal, very well composed. Eddie used a mxr phase shifter on this song and you can hear it in the leads.
  • Mark from Londonderry, NhMy favorite Van Halen song, this and girl gone bad from 1984
  • Mike from Denver, CoIf you're a guitarst, this song is AWESOMELY fun to play. Learn to play it well, and you'll amaze your friends. The tempo is freaking fast, and is deceptively hard to get right. I've always wondered what the phrase "I see a glow that fills this room I see it rolling off of you." refers to? Eddie's the best!
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