It's About Time

Album: Best Of Both Worlds (2004)
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  • This was the first of three new Van Halen songs included on their second Greatest Hits collection, Best Of Both Worlds. Sammy Hagar is their frontman on this one, singing about making up for lost time in a cliché-laden lyric ("it's high time we lay it out there on the line").
  • For the first time in Van Halen history, the song was recorded entirely with Pro Tools and not in a traditional studio.
  • Mike Anthony did not play bass on this - Eddie Van Halen did. Anthony didn't get any writing credits for the song. >>
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    Aaron - Chicago, IL, for all above
  • Along with the other new songs on The Best Of Both Worlds - "Up for Breakfast" and "Learning to See" - "It's About Time" is a great example of Eddie Van Halen's talents on rhythm guitar. "I think he was taking his rhythm to new heights later on in his career," says Brad Tolinski, author of the book Eruption. "And what's really interesting about it – and it may be why those songs were never big hits or popular – is how the rhythm guitar part is constantly evolving throughout these songs. It's not repetitive in any way – it keeps on creating variations on itself. It's fascinating just to listen to the rhythm playing on those tracks, and on Van Halen III. He really evolved as a rhythm player."

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  • Annabelle from Chicago, Ilit's sad that Anthony was outed on this song,his bass playing is amazing & underrated!He's very important to the Van Halen sound!
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