Album: Dream Your Life Away (2014)
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  • Vance Joy wrote this on January 1, 2014 following a period of struggling to come up with any songs. "The well doesn't dry up," he said. "Before 'Georgia,' I wasn't feeling particularly inspired, then that song came out of nowhere. I was on a high for five days. You can't force it, but it's nice to know that now you recognize when a song is coming."
  • This is Joy's favorite song from his Dream Your Life Away album to play live. He explained in an interview with 89.3 KPCC: "It's got a nice groove and it's slightly different in terms of the flavor and the instrumentation than the other songs on my album."

    The song calls for Joy to commit hard when performing it. "I guess there's no way of singing it without giving a lot of yourself. You have to really bring it for the vocal, because the vocal is quite high, and there's a couple of moments where I really, it's just me and my voice, and there's no other instruments," he said. "In those moments, I guess they require you to push, push yourself. And it feels good, and I think the people can connect with that when they're watching you give everything. Hopefully they think it's real."
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