Never Turn Back

Album: We Are Harlot (2015)
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  • This song about determination and persistence was penned by lead singer Danny Worsnop, guitarist Jeff George and drummer Bruno Agra back in 2011 at 8611 Burton Way in Los Angeles, the address where the three band members all lived together. It was originally titled "Rainmaker."
  • George told Loudwire about the writing of the track. "We all love guitar driven rock songs and that's definitely where this one resides," he said. "The driving rhythm and that four on the floor bass drum feel is of course a rock n roll staple. And we knew we wanted to incorporate some type of live call and response feel to the lyrics so that live we could engage the audience more, and you hear that in the 'Get back, Get Back' segments. This song was definitely created to be a big song live, but once we started recording it, it soon became one of everyone's album favorites as it kicked just as much in the recording. It's got a gigantic chorus and pre chorus and a fun guitar solo section as well."

    "When we write … it's always Jeff, Danny and Bruno in a room with a completely open floor for creativity," George added. "It doesn't matter who plays what or who sings what or writes which part … It's always us three bouncing and playing ideas of each other and whatever part fits best is what sticks, which is exactly how 'Never Turn Back' happened."
  • The song was recorded in three different places. "It started at 8611 and then we finished it up in the Gem of the Desert down in La Quinta, California in a little pool side casita," George explained. "But, it wasn't fully and properly recorded until we knocked it out at Steakhouse Studios with Kato (Khandwala, producer) for the last time. Funny enough, the guitar solo is still that original first take solo that was done in the desert as are a couple of the vocal lines, if it works it works. Haha."


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