Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?
by Ween

Album: Chocolate And Cheese (1994)


  • There is a story following this song. It is not verified as true, but it is very possible. Supposedly, Dean and Gene had just finished writing "Spinal Meningitis" in their hotel room while on a drug trip. Gene was hungry and went downstairs for food. He saw a headline, "Am I Gonna Die, Mommy?" very similar to a line from the song. He got scared and ran up to tell Dean, but he found that Dean had started coming down from the drugs. He was curled up, shivering, and repeating, "Mister, would you please help my pony? I think it's his lung." They made it into a song later. >>
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    Andrew - Abyss, PA

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  • Sean from Melb, AustraliaYeah... seems pretty likely.

    Jeremy this is a site about song facts... if theres a fact about a song, why not post it?
  • Andy from Custer, SdMillions have "actually ever heard this one". That's why it is posted. This song rocks and is hilarious. His lung is F-ed up!
  • Zoloft from Milton, WvThis song is a classic and it is on one of Ween's finer albums. Musically, there are very few acts who can match the enthusiasm of Ween. Never taking themselves seriously, they do rock and roll right.
  • Tom from Mount Joy, PaThis is a GREAT album from begining to end. the story behind this is funny as hell.
  • Ash from Charleston, WvYes, I have heard this entire album. I've only listened to it a couple of times. My brother made a copy of it for me a few years back. I don't really remember this song, but the song "Spinal Meningitis" is one that will probably be stuck in my head for the rest of my life. It is extremely disturbing, and I may never listen to it again.
  • Jeremy from Winner, SdO.K. so has anyone actually ever heard this one? I'm kind of wondering why it's even posted.
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