Buddy Holly

Album: Weezer (The Blue Album) (1994)
Charted: 12 18
  • With the "I'm yours - you're mine" lyrics, this song sounds like a romantic missive, but lead singer Rivers Cuomo explained that it's largely misinterpreted: The song is about defending a platonic female friend. >>
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  • This was Weezer's second single, following "Undone - The Sweater Song." It got a lot of play on Top 40 radio and reached #2 on Billboard's Modern Rock chart, but in a bid to boost album sales, the song wasn't sold as a single in America, which made it ineligible for the Hot 100 (it reached #18 on the Airplay chart).

    When downloading became legal and practical, this song proved very popular, and in 2006 it became Weezer's second Gold single (following "Beverly Hills"), thanks to downloads of over 500,000. >>
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  • Spike Jonze directed the video. Vintage Happy Days footage was intercut with shots of Weezer performing on the original Arnold's Drive-In set. Al Molinaro, who played the diner's owner on the series, made a cameo appearance in the video. One of the most popular clips of 1995, it scored four MTV Video Music Awards, including Breakthrough Video and Best Alternative Music Video, and two Billboard Music Video Awards, among them Alternative/Modern Rock Clip of the Year.

    Happy Days aired in the 1970s but was set in the 1950s, when Buddy Holly made his mark. So here we have a '90s video referencing a '70s TV series set in the '50s.
  • This was released to radio on September 7, 1994, which would have been Buddy Holly's 58th birthday.
  • According to the book Rivers' Edge: The Weezer Story, Cuomo didn't think this song fit on the album and was tempted to leave it off. It was the album's producer, Ric Ocasek, who convinced him to include it. Cuomo is glad they left it on, as it became one of his favorite songs to perform. >>
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  • The popularity of the song skyrocketed after The Microsoft Windows 95 release included its video amongst a number of "Fun Stuff" items on the CD. Watching a music video on your computer was a pretty big deal at the time.
  • The early demo of this song had a slower tempo and some different lyrics. The chorus originally referenced famous dancing duo Fred & Ginger: "Oo-wee-oo you look just like Ginger Rogers, Oh, oh, I move just like Fred Astaire," before it was changed to "Oh wee-ooh, I look just like Buddy Holly, Oh, oh, and you're Mary Tyler Moore."

    Actress Mary Tyler Moore became a household name just a couple years after Holly's death when she landed a starring role on The Dick Van Dyke Show in 1961 (and later her own Mary Tyler Moore Show in 1970).
  • This runs a very compact 2:39.

    This song was the centerpiece of a 2015 commercial for the Honda Pilot Elite minivan. In the spot, a large family sings the song while riding in the vehicle.
  • On their 2018 summer tour, Weezer re-created the video when they performed this song, complete with costumes and set design.

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  • Zero from The Abyss, NjI find it amusing that when my local radio station used to play this song and they got to the "Your tongue is twisted, your eyes are slit," they would edit out the word "Slit".
  • Elmer H from Westville, OkI still love this song from the mid-Nineties & still love it in 2013. This song was on their Blue Album. Weezer's music has maintained popularity because so many fans relate to the messages and music.
  • Bmn from Hisuan, ArgentinaThis is about a girl named Kyung He that Rivers was in the Santa Monica College choir with. The guys is Weezer would make fun of her. They were the "homies". I know I'm right, because Rivers says this in the booklet for Alone: the Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo.
  • Karl from Ingatestone, United KingdomI've been a Weezer fan for 6 years, and Buddy Holly remains their Black Hole Sun
  • Danny from Place, MaThis video was one of the reasons Weezer hit mainstream success. Rivers Cuomo (the lead singer/guitarist) resented this, as he thought they only became famous on "gimmicks" (a Happy Days themed video) so he sought to remove all gimmicks from Weezer. The next music video of Weezer, El Scorcho, is the opposite, just a video of the band playing. No gimmicks.
  • Michael from Staten Island, NyGreat Weezer song. I heard recently that Rivers was in his bus when it skidded off of the road and crashed. Rivers was sent to the emergency room was he ok?
  • John from Andover, KsOne of the best pop songs of the 90s. And Cuomo really had an understanding of those who did not fit the stereotype of "beautiful people." Well done.
  • Mallory from Evansville, InThe song is really great. And the video is pretty amazing.
  • Jeff from Austin, TxAlot of incorrect information in the previous comments. The mail inspiration of this song was a girl who Rivers went to high school with. She was Asian, and spoke English very pooly ('your tongue is twisted, your eyes are slit'). She was the butt of alot of jokes and felt for her and took up for her. I've read that they werent actually dating, just platonic friends.
  • Mike from Hillsborough, NjRivers Cuomo DOES actually look like Buddy Holly; not just because of the song or the glasses, either...
  • Jeremy from Greensboro, NcApparently Mary Tyler Moore liked the song as well--after hearing it she sent the members of Weezer personally autographed photos.
  • George from Salisbury, Ctuuhhh that guy really does look lioke buddy holly
  • Leah from Humboldt, Iathe video is very cool. i really like the message of him protecting his friend, and he really does look buddy holly. he's pretty darn cute, too. but i could have sworn that the video came out in 1994, not 1995.
  • Chelsea from Brainerd, Mnthis is a cool song. i don't understand it though.
  • Chris from Scranton, PaDuring Cuomo's younger years, he had a girlfriend who was made fun of by their peers. He wrote this song in defense of her. "Your tongue is twisted, your eyes are slit" must refer to the girl's flaws that led to her ridicule.
  • Chris from Elk River, MnWhile Holly married a Hispanic girl, I'm not sure how that relates to being platonic. I assume they consummated the relationship. And the Crickets didn't actually play the song from MTM. "Love is in the Air" was written by Sonny Curtis, who was (and is) a member of the Crickets. Curtis also wrote "I Fought the Law" among others. The video was directed by Spike Jonze, though :>
  • Lexie from Sydney, AustraliaThe girl was actually his girlfriend, but the relationship was more platonic. Hence the buddy holly reference - Buddy Holly married a hispanic girl which was very frowned upon at the time.

    There is also a link beetween Mary Tyler Moore and Buddy Holly. Buddy Holly's band The Crickets sang the theme song for The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

    The music video was directed by Spike Jonze
  • Elly from Columbus, Ohi love this song it is pure genius
  • Cherie from Pensicola, Fllol i love this song!!! it rocks major ass and rivers is sexy i love all thier songs.....hes like 30 sumthin now and still not married.....am i right?
  • Alan from Singapore, SingaporeMicheal is correct. If you have a copy of the Windows 95 CD, the video is in there.
  • Izzie from Lala, Hithis song is the awesomest song ever!!! i love that weezer they are fantastic!! i want to be the mary tyler moore!
  • Shana from Detroit Rock City, CanadaThis is an awesome song with a cool message!
  • Michael from Reseda, CaSome Windows 95 PC's came preloaded with the video.
  • Scott from Monument, CoHey, this is a great song. The chorus is the greatest part "Woo-hoo, I look just like Buddy Holly. Oh-oh, and your Mary Tyler Moore" He really does look like Buddy holly
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