Do You Wanna Get High?

  • This nostalgic track was inspired by the druggy nights frontman Rivers Cuomo shared with a girlfriend in the early 2000s. "I try to avoid pills now at all costs, even when I had knee surgery in 2013, I refused anything but Advil," Cuomo wrote on Genius. "I love Advil now, though, I'll tell you."
  • The girlfriend that inspired this track is the same girl that Cuomo penned The Green Album's final song, "O Girlfriend," about.
  • The guitar solo here sounds almost identical to the one on the 1996 Pinkerton track "Pink Triangle." "Honestly, that's just a live take," Cuomo told Rolling Stone. "There was no thought process. We're the same guys playing the same instruments in the same kind of studio in the same city. It's not surprising we get a similar result."


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