Tired Of Sex

Album: Pinkerton (1996)


  • This is about a guy who has lots of casual sex, but comes to realize there is more to life and seeks a deeper relationship as he grows into adulthood. The Pinkerton album is based on the Opera Madame Butterfly, and this song relates to the character Pinkerton, who is a sailor who sleeps with a different girl at every port.
  • The working title for this song was "Tired Of Having Sex."
  • Rivers Cuomo went through a self-imposed celibacy for two years as he dealt with this idea of being "Tired of Sex." He wrote an essay entitled "A Mad and Serious Master" for a Harvard English class which talked about the perils of being celibate and how marriage (or love in the context of the song) was the answer: "I concluded that modern society was just not conducive to celibate living for a single, successful musician. Marriage, which once had seemed as undesirably permanent as a tattoo, now seemed to be the one, clear hope for my coming out of my longing." >>
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  • Rotunda from Tulsa, OkWell I certainly aint pre-emo, but I have been a solid Weezer fan for years & love them. I think this is one of their best. And "Pinkerton" the album from which it came is one of Weezer's best in my opinion. It came out just as I was finishing high school & prepping for college. I still can't believe I really made it out of high school with a sane mind!!! Anyway, "Hash Pipe" also came out and it was such a wild & infectious song. I love it too! So funky & bizarre. Just like me. "Tired of Sex" is so magnetic. Right now it's March 2014 and I hear that Weezer is in the studio working on a new album. Good news! The wait will probably be worth it, since Ocasek is going to produce it again. Ric knows his business man. Can't wait for the album to come out. That's all. Over and out, from Big Rotunda!
  • David from La Mirada, Cayeah, i'm definitely not emo. this is my favorite band, and one of there greatest songs!
  • Adam from Boyce, VaHands down the hardest song Weezer has ever done. I may be wrong but I do believe this is only song that River's actually screams on.
  • Alicia from Livermore, Cahey this is one of my favorite bands, and I'm super bubbly and not evrn close to beong pre-emo =)
  • Justin from Georgetown, Inthrough and though this album is great. to bad all the kids that really like this band Are pre-emo :P
  • Matt from Downers Grove, IlAll the songs on this album are great, and this is no exception.
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