Slide It In

Album: Slide It In (1984)
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  • Taking a page from the Kiss playbook, Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale came up with this lascivious rocker that is devoid of profanity but very obviously about sex. The song fits with their snake motif, a phallic symbol they embraced.

    The song wasn't released as a single but became the title track to their sixth album. The cover art has a woman wearing a snake for a necklace.
  • In an interview with the London freesheet Metro in June 2009, David Coverdale said that a lot of media people told him they had lost their virginity to the strains of "Slide It In," adding, "It's also very good for pole dancing."

    Before he formed Whitesnake, Coverdale was the third vocalist with Deep Purple; although they recorded a fair number of explicit songs with their first two lineups, they never got this overt. >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England
  • Whitesnake's ever-shifting lineup shifted again for the Slide It In album, with Cozy Powell replacing Ian Paice on drums, Mel Galley claiming guitar from Bernie Marsden, and Colin Hodgkinson taking over on bass from Neil Murray. It was their most successful album to date, but they didn't break through in America until their next album, Whitesnake, which got them on MTV with a new version of their 1982 song "Here I Go Again."

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  • Laurent from Manama, BahrainThe comments from Alexander Baron actually do not state any facts directly related to the song and mainly are a reflection of his opinion. Coverdale has always been known for in tongue-in-cheek sexy (sexists sometimes) lyrics. Comparing lyrics as written in Deep Purple to those of Whitesnake is silly. Deep Purple was not Coverdale band. Proof: he sumitted 7 different set of lyrics for the song "Burn" for them to be accepted by the band (i.e. Blackmore). Whitesnake was and is his band. He writes and does what he wants. You either get his "humour" or you don't.
    Songfacts: "Slide It In" (the album) has two different version. The European version was recorded with the line-up Coverdale, Galley, Moody, Lord, Powell and Hodgkinson. This line-up toured on the "Saints & Sinners Tour" and recorded the original version of "Slide It In". When Sykes joined the band to replace Moody, and Murray re-joined on bass, Geffen's John Kalodner ordered that the album be remixed for the US market. Murray re-recorded all bass parts whilst Sykes beefed up the overall sound without being predominantly featured though. The US version is punchier.
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