Album: Wishbone Four (1973)


  • According to the band's official biography Blowin' Free, Martin Turner wrote this about a plant growing in his garden. When he returned from a US tour it had shriveled up and died, so he wrote a song about it.
  • In October 2008, Turner expanded on this in his on-line question and answer forum, saying it must "rank as a pretty bizarre song subject. I found this little weed growing in a crack in the path, fished it out and put in a pot with soil where it flourished and had sweet little yellow flowers darling. Went off on tour and asked my other half at the time to take good care of it, meaning give it a bit of water now and again. Came back six weeks later - dead as a dodo - bitch, I thought. So I wrote a song about it using a license called 'poetic'. Silly thing is, it was not Sorrel at all but some other plant, but I particularly liked the name Sorrel so I used that." >>
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  • Badger from Los Angeles, CaThis song is moving and deserves many a listening... If one has a heart it will soar!
  • Human from Manchester, United KingdomAnother beautiful song penned and sung by Mr. Turner.
  • Tiffany from Small Town, Alok.. I LOVE THIS SONG! i would have to say its my third favorite WA song. i love it!
  • James from Toronto, Canadathis song is absolutely incredible...come on people, write more comments here. I cannot beleive I am the second person to write a comment for such a great song!
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