Don't Delete the Kisses

Album: Visions of a Life (2017)


  • The second single from Visions of a Life finds vocalist Ellie Roswell trying to play it cool with her crush. Speaking to Beats 1's Matt Wilkinson, she said:

    "I kind of wanted to make one of those head out the window on a long drive tunes. And I wanted to try my hand at like a hold-nothing-back love song. That was my thoughts. But other than that I just kinda let it go where it wanted to go… I just think if you hold back it will sound worse won't it?"
  • Ellie Roswell told NME she set out to write a song that was unsubtle and totally unashamed.

    "At first the song was going to stay in that mindset of meekness and self-doubt, but I just found that too depressing – I wanted the happy Hollywood ending, so I was like, 'F--k it, I'm going back and writing the ending that I want!' And I was superstitious about having that song end on a sad note. I felt like that would be a sign of something."
  • Speaking to Consequence of Sound in a track-by-track interview, Ellie Rowsell explained there were two specific inspirations behind the song.

    "I wanted to write a love song because I was feeling in love," she said. "I find it hard sometimes to think with me [sic] feelings rather than my head, which is not good when it comes to love."

    "I wanted the music to be emotive and perfect for a long drive," Rowsell continued." I'd watched Father John Misty at a festival in Spain and he played 'True Affection', which is far more powerful live and the rolling synth gave me all the feels, so I wanted something like that in the tune."

    She added: "I also love that song 'Drinking In L.A.' [by Bran Van 3000], which gives me a similar kind of feeling and I suppose that [sic] what influenced me to do the more spoken word type singing in the verses, but also because I just had so much to say!"


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