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Album: Visions of a Life (2017)
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  • A raging Ellie Roswell barely pauses for breath on this sweary grunge tune as she shouts:

    You bore me, you bore me to death, you deplore me, and I don't give a s--t

    Roswell described the song to NME as, "like a vomit of emotion. I was angry about a lot of things when I wrote that song, and it was meant as a 'f--k you' to the expectations people place on you, whether that's as a friend, a lover or an artist."
  • The song was released as the lead single from Visions of a Life. "We weren't out to shock people by going, 'Look how heavy we sound now!' It wasn't anything like that," Roswell said. "It was actually one of the funnest songs on the album to record. It's not meant to be taken completely seriously."
  • Some fans took the song's lyrics literally, but Ellie Rowsell isn't saying that she wants to sleep with all her friends, it's just her expressing her anger.

    "The song is about being full of rage, and you exaggerate things massively when you're in that kind of state," she explained to The Independent, adding, "there aren't enough songs about how you feel about your friends. Friendship's far more complicated than a romantic relationship, isn't it?"

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  • Dog Wink Shuffler from Shufflesville, Puptown, DwI couldn’t agree more!
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