Family Don't Matter



  • This song is a collaboration with Millie Go Lightly, a singer-songwriter originally from Stratford-upon-Avon, England and now residing in London. Speaking to Complex, Millie Go Lightly revealed how both she and Young Thug wrote a song to the same beat, and they ended up combining the two tunes:

    "I had just come back from LA. I had been doing some work with Wheezy who works with Thug. We basically both ended up with the same beat from Wheezy completely accidentally. It was a real serendipitous event. We had no idea.

    I wrote a song called 'Medicine' to that beat. Somebody in Thug's team was like, 'Let me hear Millie's music cause I've never heard it.' They've met me a million times, but half had never heard my music. They pull up the private link I had been sharing around the group. The first song was 'Medicine.' They were like, 'Oh my god that's the beat.' We realized we both had written a song on the same beat… It was weird, because he had me in mind for that song anyway to sing the hook. So when he found out I had written a song to it, he allowed me to put my verses on it too, which was so nice of him."


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