Acting Like That


  • This collaboration between Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly came about after the pair got together to mourn the passing of Juice WRLD following his death in December 2019. The song finds the rockers trading verses about an impulsive girl who is "way too hot to be acting like that."
  • Yungbud told Apple Music the song is a direct representation of his relationship with MGK. "We wanted the song to just make people lose control," he said. "We wrote it on a night where we were both sad because we had lost a colleague. And we were just like, 'You're way too cool to be acting sad tonight.' We wanted to resonate the idea of you being at your favorite show, with your best friends, going absolutely crazy."
  • Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly also penned the track "Body Bag" that night for MGK's Tickets to My Downfall album.
  • Travis Barker plays drums, marking a reunion for the trio, who previously worked together on MGK's Hotel Diablo track, "I Think I'm Okay." The blink-182 stickman produced all of MGK's 2020 Tickets to My Downfall album. "'Acting Like That' is a result of what happens when me, MGK and Travis get together, the energy's electric and we write songs that amplify a feeling," Yungblud explained.
  • Yungblud and MGK first played "Acting Like That" for a select group of fans at a December 2019 party celebrating the success of "I Think I'm Okay." MGK originally earmarked the track for Tickets To My Downfall before he removed it for an unknown reason. Instead, Yungblud included it on Weird and released the song as the record's sixth single on December 2, 2020.
  • Yungblud, Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker wrote the song with the English rocker's longtime collaborators Chris Greatti (Poppy, Grimes) and Zakk Cervini (Bishop Briggs, Good Charlotte), plus Nick Long, who is the frontman of the pop rock band Dark Waves. Travis Barker produced the track.
  • Yungblud directed the zombie movie-inspired video with Gavin Gottlich and Ross Anderson. The English star shot his portion of the clip in London and MGK and Travis Barker filmed theirs in Los Angeles. "We couldn't be together right now so instead of superimposing one of us in a weird green screen video we did zombie apocalypse," Yungblud explained.


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