Girls On Film

Album: Duran Duran (1981)
Charted: 5
  • Duran Duran double dipped on the "Girls On Film" controversy when they released the video on VHS and Beta in 1983, two years after it first appeared. The initial release was derided for its lewd content and banned by the BBC, helping generate lots of attention for the band. The 1983 release allowed retailers to ban it, although only the Beta version contained the uncensored rendition of the video. Predictably, a new round of indignation ensued, along with a fresh burst of press attention.

    The group had impeccable timing: the Grammys added a category for Best Short Form Video that year, and "Girls On Film" was the winner.

Comments: 9

  • John from Washington, DcBetween the video and the lines like "wider baby", "shuddering...I'm shooting a star" and "see you together", this song is either cleverly walking the line between exploitation and criticism of porn, or hypocritically trying to have it both ways. I'd have to say it's the former, and it's actually a great song. Probably the only one this group can claim amongst a lot of nonsense.
  • Paul from Geelong, Australiadoes anyone know the girls in the video. i have a feling they were all page 3 girls.
  • Aaron from Columbus, OhThe "Big Hair" guy was Nick Rhodes, the keyboardist. He had flaming red hair, and in the early 80's it was big!
  • Andrew from London, EnglandOne of life's little mysteries that will remain unsolved until the end of time: what on Planet earth was the music appeal of Duran Duran?
  • Annabelle from Eugene, OrI bet you when people first saw the video for "Girls On Film", they probably gasped in shock as they stared at those naked girls. Aside from that, lots of girls probably had the hots for Simon LeBon! By the way, which one of Duran Duran's band members is "The One With The Big Hair"? The reason I ask this is because when I asked my Dad which band member of Duran Duran was his favorite Band Member, his answer was, "The one with the Big Hair".
  • James from Albuquerque, Nmohhhh, i loved that video. Duran Duran is the bomb diggity
  • Katie from Memphis, TnThe version of the song played on the unedited video is the Night Version. At the time, sampling didn't exist so the band actually went back into the studio and wrote and performed a whole new arrangement for the song. They did this on all their early remixes.
  • Karsh from London, Englandthis song was used as the opening theme to a japanese animation series "Speed Grapher"
  • Pete from Nowra, Australiathe video was the best Jerry, the best
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