Bridge of Sighs

Album: Bridge Of Sighs (1974)
  • Antonio Contino's bridge over the Rio di Palazzo was erected in the year 1600 to connect the Doge's prisons, or Prigioni, with the inquisitor's rooms in the main palace. The name "Bridge of Sighs" was invented in the 19th Century, when Lord Byron helped to popularize the belief that the bridge's name was inspired by the sighs of condemned prisoners as they were led through it to the executioner.

    Thanks to Andrew Rosenblatt for the photo.

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  • Mitch from Las VegasNoah Hunt is still KWS vocalist .. Somebody was saying Kenny sings the lyrics now... Maybe he sings sometimes but I've never seen him sing..tast time I saw him was in 2018.. He had another vocalist for a while because Noah was involved with another band.. I don't remember his name
  • Linda from Jenison, MichiganBrought me right back 47 years ago. my husband said he was in a band that played Robin's music from Bridge of Sighs. Saw the B. Of Sighs in Venice and floated under it!
  • Hobart1979 from IndianaAnother in a long line of rock gods who should be in the HoF. It's a travesty that he isn't. Someone below said something about unfair comparisons to Jimi Hendrix. How is that unfair? Hendrix was one of the best ever, as is Trower; the white Jimi Hendrix I call him. He is one of the all-time greats. Get him in the HOf, along with Bad Company, UFO, Blue Oyster Cult, Ronnie Montrose, and so many other deserving rockers.
  • Viking67 from Qns New YorkRobin trower was and is a great band.ihave loved the band from the 70s , when my brother turned me on to them. Long live trower and my brother you brother.
  • Ral from IdFrip from Ca, may be a "mandela effect" change to these lyrics. I could be wrong but my question is what is that background voice saying? Is he rewading the poem "Bridge of Sighs"? That was my 1st guess. Thank you anyone to reply that knows.
  • Patti from AlgonacGreat song by a true master of the guitar. I love it, but I would also love for "Day Of The Eagle" to be added to this site. I'd love to learn more about that song, too.
  • Frip from CaEvery web lyric gets it wrong. It's not: "Been A long time crossing bridge of sighs." It's: "Been NO long time crossing bridge of sighs." The point being that the darkness never goes away. "A long time" would mean the sadness doesn't come around much. Not at all the meaning. Why am I the only person to hear and understand things!
  • Dajanye from CaCan you answer Robs questions below about the low voices? My Da has been wondering for 46 years now.
  • Rob from TexasIf you listen closely to the outro you can hear very faint voices. Has anyone ever isolated and/or parsed them?
  • Veeradithya from IndiaHas anyone heard the cover by OPETH? Beautiful if you ask me!
  • Mike from Carrollton, TxWas at work and "Day of the Eagle" shot into my head. Then today, heard it on VH1 Classic, had to listen to the to whole album again, brought me back to where I was int 70's.... TOO ROLLING STONED!! Trower is a master, and Dewar's vocals do this whole masterpiece! One of my all time favorite albums.
  • J Cole from Pemigewasset Valley, Nh Great song to drive to on a foggy night. Followed closely by Zeppe's "In The Light".
  • Harold from San Bernadino, CaBridge of Sighs is timeless-----what a great track as well as a great album! It sounds just as fresh today as it did in '74.
  • Oldpink from New Castle, InNow, THIS is what it's all about.
    Trower's downright terrifying guitars at the opening, then Dewar's bass vocals kick in, and you get goosebumps marching down your arms.
    btw...I think that Dewar's voice sounds quite a lot like Kenny Wayne Shepherd's vocalist, before Kenny started singing his own songs, that is.
  • Max from Lockport, LaSaw Robin Trower In New Orleans at HOB in Feb. 2008. He is really missing James Dewar. Davey Pattison is not cut out to sing Trower's music, maybe that is why they had his mike turned down for the whole show. Robin's only vocals in any of the songs played was the talking part at the start of Twice Removed From Yesterday, and his mike was up. Very good gig. Just hearing Trower play is enough.
  • Mark from Falls Church, VaObviously, the question I asked Robin Trower via Derek Sutton was "Was or wasn't the song inspired by the bridge in Venice?"
  • Mark from Falls Church, VaI asked Derek Sutton, Robin Trower's agent the question about the title of the song, and this was the reply:

    here's the answer from Robin himself

    Hi Derek
    The answer to the Bridge of Sighs question is Yes and No!
    One day reading the sports pages of the newspaper there was a headline saying
    Bridge of Sighs to win.................
    Obviously the horse was named after the bridge in Venice but when I saw the headline, I immediately thought what a great song title that would be.
    Cheers for now.

  • Lester from New York City, NyI have SSSOOOOO many versions of 'Bridge of Sighs', by way of Trower's live albums and tapes I made at Robin's concerts. Absolutely one of my favorite songs.
  • Aaron from Cottage Grove, Orgreat song. there's a pretty good poem by thomas hood, has the same name, its about a suicide on the bridge in venice. music is poetry, remember that before you disregaurd the poem
  • Tom from Bluemont, VaI was at a friend's party when I heard Bridge playing on his stereo.I asked who is that and what is the name of that song? He said that's Robin Trower dude. I was immediately hooked and went out and bought every album I could find. Still a huge fan 30 years later.
  • Phil from San Jose, CaRobin Trower and band is terrific! James Dewar was the Pavarotti of Rock, great deep voice. Trower is underated in my opinion, to many unfair comparasions to Hendrix. Trower was also in Procol Harum.
  • Daniel from Genoa, OhThis song blows me away. James Dewar's vocals and Trower's guitar blends together perfectly. If this doesn't give you chills, nothing will.
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