Licensing "Aint No Pleasing You" by Chas Dave

Please select the type of project you need a license for from the list below. If you're not sure what you need, that's OK. Select "Other/Not Sure" and we'll let you know.

About the licenses:

Master Use License: This gives you the right to use the song for TV, film, commercials and other audio-video projects.

Synchronization License: Also called a "Sync Licence," this gives you the right to edit the song into a production of some kind, thus "synching" it to the video. You would need this for a commercial or music video, for example, in addition to the Master Use License.

Mechanical License: This is what you'll need if you want to release a cover version of a song or sample/interpolate it.

Print License: If you're writing a book and want to include lyrics, you're going to need a Print License.

Grand Performance License: This type of license grants you the right to use a piece of music in a play, musical or any other similar performance.

We are not affiliated with any of the copyright holders of this song, but work on your behalf to find the appropriate rights holders and negotiate the terms according to your budget and timeframe.