Album: Autumn Effect (2005)
Charted: 94
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  • Change my attempt, good intentions

    Crouched over, you were not there, living in fear
    But signs were not really that scarce, obvious tears
    But I will not hide you through this, I want you to help them
    Please see the bleeding heart perched on my shirt
    Die, withdraw, hide in cold sweat, quivering lips
    Ignore remorse, naming a kid, living wasteland
    This time you've tried all that you can, turning you red

    Change my attempt, good intentions
    Should I?
    Could I?
    Here we are with your obsession
    Should I?
    Could I?

    Crowned, hopeless, the article read, "Living Wasteland"
    This time you've tried all that you can, turning you red
    But I will not hide you through this
    I want you to help

    Change my attempt, good intentions
    Should I?
    Could I?
    Here we are with your obsession
    Should I?
    Could I?

    Heave the silver, hollow sliver
    Piercing through another victim
    Turn and tremble, be judgmental
    Ignorant to all the symbols
    Blind the face with beauty paste
    Eventually, you'll one day know

    Change my attempt, good intentions
    Limbs tied
    Skin tight
    Self inflicted his perdition
    Should I?
    Could I?

    Change my attempt, good intentions
    Should I?
    Could I?

    Should I?
    Could I? Writer/s: Brian Vodinh, Jesse Hasek, Matt Wantland, Ryan Johnson
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Mb from Dallas TxThis song is clearly about heroin addiction....abuse, neglect, slavery, but the point he is trying to get across is about a kid that becomes a "wasteland" it says clearly the signs of withdrawal, hot and cold sweats, quivering lips, ignore remorse.....then heave the siver hollow silver piercing through another victim...some artists get a bad name and try to cover up the real truth about the meaning....by another video or in a situation where someone askes them to explain what it means...
  • PaddyI think its more talking about embracing the pain because one feels like one deserves such abuse.
  • Hannah from Gratz, PaI don't think it is just about drug abuse, if you watch the video, it shows people from horrible situations, sex slaves, a man mauled by a lion, etc. I think the song is talking about what they turned to too take away the pain. "Self inflicted, his perdition" Perdition- loss of the soul, damnation. Turning to drugs or whatever, because they feel damned, broken.
    "The article read, living wasteland" Feeling like they are empty, with no soul, and no goodness left after leaving the situation where they were raped, beaten, enslaved, abused and neglected.
  • Gary from Rensselaer, NyI read that the song was inspired by the life of the late actor Brad Renfro who was the bands vocalist's (Jesse Hasek) cousin. Brad was also featured in the origional music video filmed in 2004
  • Beth from Salem, OrI'm almost sure this song is about how society choses to run away from itself by using drugs, makeup ("blind the face with beauty paste") or by other means. It's a wasteland cuz we deny ourselves the courage to fix it and to face our fears. We all are scared of not being accepted so that's why we mask who we are. That's my idea anyway.
  • Shawn from Siloam Springs, ArThis song is about someone else looking on the afflicted, be it by drugs and the many other things they have turned to to deal with their pain. He is speaking to those that stood around, perhaps parents, watching not wanting to see and did nothing. He wants desperately to help but not know how or if he should interfere.
  • Dan from London, United KingdomThis could be from the viewpoint of a young person, who is obviously living in a wasteland. His life is being tortured and he desperately needs help. He is confused and unaware of everything that is genuinely around him. He sees things differently to what they are (which supports the addiction claim) - and he could be blaming all his pain and suffering on a parent. Where he is being demanded of more than he is capable of, and he simply cannot continue the way it is. The chorus is a desperate cry for help, or it could be the voice in his head from a conscious saying that things are going to change and responding to the young person. Its almost as if a million things can be brought out from this song, everything seems to fit.
  • Peter from Sydney, Australia"heave the silver hollow sliver" refers to a needle, like ones drug addicts use to administer drugs to themselves with
  • Emily from Chesterfield, VaThis song is about addiction, not just drugs, but addictions in general. The chorus, "Should I, Could I" and "But I will not hide you through this I want you to help.", are from the view of a person trying to get the addict to stop. Whereas, the rest of the song is from the view of an addict.
  • Nikki from Ny, FlI've always thought this song was about some abused kid speaking to his mother about his father (or father figure) abusing him, and his feeling like he wants to kill him... maybe I'm being too superficial? but I didn't ever think of drugs when I listened to the song....
  • Gabreya from Pine Bluff, AkSometimes, I feel like this song. It's like being encaged in something that you hate.
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