The Sacro-Iliac
by 10cc

Album: Sheet Music (1974)
  • Here's a new dance that you all can do
    Baby, baby, what's he gonna do?
    Sit back and relax 'cause it's good for you
    Baby, baby, what's he gonna do?
    what's he gonna say?
    He's takin' my breath away

    Well if you're tired of doing the Boogaloo
    And you're afraid of doing the Swim
    'Cause you think you will drown
    In the noise of the record
    And the klutz on the floor
    He ain't there anymore
    'Cause all you want to do
    Is be alone at the bar
    All you want to do is be alone at the bar

    You want to drown in your cocktail
    You want to leave with the laundry

    If your mind is trippin'
    But your disc is slippin'
    Here's what you gotta do
    In any tempo and any rhythm

    C'mon Mac do the sacro-iliac
    C'mon back do the sacro-iliac
    I said c'mon back do the sacro-iliac
    Well it's easy
    Here's the new dance that you 'll want to do
    So easy
    Don't want to annoy ya with my paranoia

    Now I'm doing the dance that is good for me
    Baby, baby, what's it gonna be?
    I ain't no Astaire, but I've a right to be
    Baby, baby, when's he gonna learn?
    Where's he gonna stay?
    He's taken my breath away

    Well I'm bored with the beat of the Shing-a-ling
    And the Lindy is leaving me cold
    'Cause I've never been freaky or funky or laid back
    And the lush on the floor
    Isn't me anymore
    And I never ever want to be alone
    At the bar
    Never ever want to be alone at the bar

    So c'mon Mac do the sacro-iliac
    C'mon back do the sacro-iliac
    Won't you c'mon back do the sacro-iliac
    C'mon back do the sacro-iliac
    Won't you come on back do the sacro-iliac Writer/s: KEVIN GODLEY, GRAHAM GOULDMAN
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Bob Pemberton from Bramall Lane Sheffield An little known track lost in time simply amazing music from one of the best albums of the 70s an absolute joy
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