Album: Thirteenth Step (2003)
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  • Don't fret precious I'm heree
    Step away from the window
    Go back to sleep

    Lay your head down child
    I won't let the boogeyman come
    Counting bodies like sheep
    To the rhythm of the war drums
    Pay no mind to the rabble
    Pay no mind to the rabble
    Head down, go to sleep
    To the rhythm of the war drums

    Pay no mind what other voices say
    They don't care about you
    Like I do
    Like I do
    Safe from pain and truth and choice and other poison devils
    See they don't give a fuck about you
    Like I do

    Just stay with me
    Safe and ignorant
    Go back to sleep
    Go back to sleep

    Lay your head down child
    I won't let the boogeyman come
    Count the bodies like sheep
    To the rhythm of the war drums
    Pay no mind to the rabble
    Pay no mind to the rabble
    Head down, go to sleep
    To the rhythm of the war drums

    I'll be the one to protect you from
    Your enemies and all your demons
    I'll be the one to protect you from
    A will to survive and a voice of reason
    I'll be the one to protect you from
    Your enemies and your choices son
    One and the same I must isolate you
    Isolate and save you from yourself

    Swaying to the rhythm of the new world order and
    Count the bodies like sheep
    To the rhythm of the war drum
    The boogeymen are coming
    The boogeymen are coming
    Keep your head down go to sleep
    To the rhythm of the war drums

    Stay with me
    Safe and ignorant
    Just stay with me
    Hold you and protect you from the other ones
    The evil ones
    Don't love you son
    Go back to sleep Writer/s: BILLY HOWERDEL, MAYNARD JAMES KEENAN
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG Rights Management
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  • Matt from ArkansasNone of you are wrong. That's the beauty of it. It's open to interpretation. It can mean a slew of things
  • Noooooo from SomewhereI think this song is about someone protecting you so much that they hurt you, or an abusive relationship. Example-/they dont care about you like i do/ this is the abuser saying that nobody else cares about the abused one. Another example./I must isolate you/ this shows how the abuser wont let the other person leave no matter how much they want to.
  • Powers from Milwaukee WiI might have something: This song is about being medicated. Professionally. A patient who is undergoing a treatment program (possibly inpatient) where they are given mood stabilizing drugs/anti depressants, and they become dependent on said treatment program (it becomes a lifestyle for them). I also see a lot of political references here, which might mean the government trying to numb its citizens into compliance/dependence, either directly as they have for this person (whether they needed it or not) or indirectly through media and propaganda. Assimilation of minds and habits. Population control. So there’s sort of two meanings here: the patient (individual), and the population (many).
  • Toy Dismantled from PhiladelphiaMy interpretation of "Pet" is that he is speaking from a BDSM perspective. Mainly his point of view as a psychological Dominant and his desire to protect and isolate and control his "Pet" (submissive). His desire to keep her to himself as his plaything to control and keep her safe is both destructive and rationalized by him as doing the right thing for her. "They don't give a f--k about you" is him saying don't listen to society and the people around you, she should listen to him...he is her God and his voice is all that matters. He wants to spin and construct her reality and shut her out from everything else. "Stay safe and ignorant". From the pets perspective she is likely damaged and afraid of the world, yearning to be protected and looking to him to be her God, like a child looking for a parent. "Don't fret precious I'm here" is him comforting her. He is her dark hero who is telling her what she wants to hear when the world around her is too much to handle, she can escape with him. It's the psychological ebb and flow of a Master and slave (often referred to as Pet). Therapeutic, addictive and sometimes also destructive for both.
  • Kyndread71 from Huntsville, AlThis song is sung from the perspective of the drug -- "The Master"-- talking to the drug user -- "The Pet." It comes from the album, "Thirteenth Step," which has themes about addiction & recovery.

    ((Don't fret precious I'm here, step away from the window
    Go back to sleep
    Lay your head down child
    I won't let the boogeyman come))
    * The drug is telling the user, "I'll take away all of the pain and stress of the outside world. Don't worry about it. I got you."

    ((Pay no mind to the rabble, Pay no mind to the rabble
    Head down, go to sleep, To the rhythm of the war drums
    Pay no mind what other voices say
    They don't care about you, like I do, like I do
    Safe from pain and truth and choice and other poison devils,
    See, they don't give a f--k about you, like I do.
    Just stay with me, safe and ignorant,
    Go back to sleep))
    * Safe from pain and truth and choice.....that really stands out, especially from the perspective of a drug counselor. ;)
  • Dianah from Washingtonville, OhI think Maynard's lyrics should be taken into the perspective of the government's influence on our society. Putting fear into us and hiding the truth is the way that the government manipulates us into ignorant followers. In all ideology, if the government did not stop us from seeing the world the way it really is, the government would then have no control over us. Just like a sheltered child grows up to see the world like his or her parents wanted. If a sheltered child disobeyed it's parents and saw the world through it's own eyes, it would not be living the way it's parents wished.
  • Brandon from Pittsburgh, Pasomeone made a video with clips of Adolf Hitler, i think that is a pretty cool take on the song, like Hitler is telling his followers he will make his decisions for them
  • Richard from Elmwood Park, IlAs Maynard said now on numerous occasions these songs are a way of expressing how he feels about something that has happened in life. He isn't beyond singing about or voicing his feeling about anything even god(see judith). I take it as more of him poking fun @ nwo and the ideologies of the people who are really running things. It has nothing to do with George W. Bush. That is just ignorant. I see the song as a reference to NWO. It doesn't really matter anyway because Maynard also doesn't really write music with the intention of letting anyone know what it really means. Just enjoy the music and take it how you want to . But seriously GWB has nothing to do with this song.
  • Miranda from Gj, Tnthis song is a perfect portrayal of the world we're in today and just the fact that people would argue that this is a song about drugs, not politics, and everything in between... shows that YOU ARE ASLEEP! PEOPLE this song is talking about YOU!!! He is writing from a standpoint of the ELITE...speaking to YOU the dumbed down masses watching the news to see what's going on with the world.. when in fact it's a spiritual battle going on and to keep you from seeing what's ACTUALLY going on in the world they tell you what to think and follow in the mainstream media, they guide you SHEEPLE into the thoughts THEY want you to have, all the while making you think that they're taking care of you. Fighting an invisible war on terror that was designed to strip you of your constitutional rights, and now they're going to protect us from ourselves. They're telling you not to listen to the "boogymen and devils" they ones that are out there that can actually see what's going on and they label them "conspiracy theorists" in order to discredit them, but there must be something threatening about the message they bring cuz they end up being the ones that mysteriously die or disappear. WAKE UP! THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS HERE! You are nothing but sheep to them, and they won't hesitate to kill you if you wake up and that's why they want you to stay asleep so they can use you without opposition or intrusion of thought!!!
  • Marina from Denver, CoI really don't care what this song is about. Granted, the different interpretations are interesting, but the reason I like this song so much is because of the way it gives me a rush. The way it makes me want to hold my head high and walk to the beat and air guitar my way through a crowd of people, like "Thinking of You" and Slipknot's "Virus of Life." To me, that's what "Pet" is about.
  • C from S, OhMost people think it's about a corrupt government lieing to people. It's not.

    That's why APC made "counting bodies like sheep"... to show that they understand how it could be conveyed as a political song... but this is also why they made "counting bodies" a completely "different" song instead of titling it as a "remix". Although the lyrics are comparable, the messages of the two songs have two different contexts.

    "Pet" is actually about protecting and preserving the innocence (of our youth and loved ones) by sheltering them from the ugliness of the world.

    Pet was written most likely for his (Maynard's) son. It is most likely about the personal conflict he endured sheltering his son from (not only the danger, but the lifestyle associated with) his alter ego as a rock star.

    One of the reasons Maynard seems sso frustrated with his fanbase in his interviews is due to the fact that even his most enlightened fans will grab straws at the first metaphore they hear and run with it. (IE: The song Judith DOES NOT try to relay an Anti-Religious theme. It is moreso a song of admiring the strength of faith even after enduring great hardship and tragedy. Specifically his Mother who was wheelchair bound for approximately 10,000 days and remained faithful to God even after enduring that hardship the rest of her earthly life.)

    If you listen to the emotion of the instrumentals (and vocals) behind the song Pet, it is moreso about the mood swings (frustration, anger, patience, love, protection) of a parent going to great lengths to protect his/her child. Even the guitar emulates a crying child. The emotional twists in this song portray that innocence is fragile and can be broken at any time if a concerned parent, guardian, or loved one does not remain protective, attentive, and cautious.

    If you listen to the emotion behind Counting Bodies, it is dark, as if these emotions depicted in Pet are actually being forced upon you against your will. This is why APC even went to the extent of releasing a music video to reinforce this message. To make it abundantly clear that Counting Bodies is about government tyranny.

    Maynard stated in several interviews that the difference between APC and Tool was the emotional context of the two bands, therefore implying that beyond common metaphore, one must also embrace the emotion behind the song to grasp its true meaning.

    Also, for those of you wondering, the "New World Order" metaphore is a reference to the "Age of Innocence" (old world) crumbling. The days of the "Brady Bunch" and "Leave it to Beaver" are over, and it's alot harder to remain "innocent" in a world where information travels fast and our children are growing up so quickly. We are in a modern age of enlightenment, a new renaissance reinforced with technology, making innocence ALOT harder to protect.

    Take into account all the things children can so easily become exposed to, whether it be on TV or the internet. With censorship slimming down and freedom of speach becoming even more openly embraced, it leaves our youth open to ideas that they might not be fully mature enough to comprehend yet. It also becomes alot more tedius for parents in this busy New World to protect their children from the horrors and dangers (Poison Devils) of certain media outlets.
  • Adam from Atttleboro, MaPeople will listen to a person when they are vulnerable, it really doesn't matter what that person says it's just there escape, and all it takes is a little manipulation, just close your eyes and let someone else protect you. People can be a pathetic thing at times.
  • Partiallyinsane from San Fernando, Trinidad And Tobagomay just bewhat maynard said to the rest of you but what the writer of the song wants is for the public to interpret the song as he/she wants,i think of my love every time because i would love to be able to tell her "don't fret precious i'm here" and "lay your head down child i won't let the boogeyman come" i love this song because this song is a prewritten composition of what i would like to say so i play this song for her....beat that for a comment.
  • Squid from Los Angeles, CaThe Whole Band has stated that this album (13th Step)is a theme album and Is not only in refference to drug addiction it self, but what the 13th step to the 12 step programs is, which is deailing with the world (More so you and ones who love you) perceptions of you and your addiction. For Pet is written from the perception of the drug itself. it can also be viewed from a parents side, of a parent who is anal about iding thier child from the world instead of teaching the child. This conception is not new, in fact it is seen in the song "Master of Puppets" By Metallica, written after a friends over dose. the drug is pushing itself as a protector, but actually doing much damage. most Rehab centers say that addicts often view their drugs as a protection from the world around them.

    Most people put a polical spin on this song, as it is easy to do. Maynard said in interviews and on Amotion, he did not write it with political motives behind the lyric, but as it became a finish song, he agreed with it's direct corrilation. Hense him rearraging the song for Emotive.
  • Tzugy from Alexandria, RomaniaConsidering the fact that the song is from "13 steps" which deals with addiction in all its forms, I think that the song synthesised 2 theories; one regarding politics and NWO and the other regards the retionship beetween the addicts and its addiction. The addict lives in a hostile world where only his drug gives him comfort.
  • Joseph from Bothell, WaAlright, So here's my take on Pet. I'm not exactly sure on every line in this BUT THE MAIN POINT YOU PEOPLE ARE MISSING HERE IS THE KEY WORD PET "Pet" This is meaning that the person in this song has become A SLAVE TO THE DRUG the person has become the drug's "PET" (this can be clarified by watching the DVD "aMOTION" where Maynard clarifies what his songs mean) THIS SONG WAS NOT INTENDED TO BE POLITICAL WHEN IT WAS WRITTEN, NOR WAS IT MEANT TO BE ABOUT RELIGION OR A PARENT'S POINT OF VIEW ON THERE CHILD. It's characterizing the drug. The drug is acting like it's compassionate "Lay your head down child I won't let the boogeyman come" When it says that it doesn't mean it in any sense of the person's actual mother/father. The drug is just acting compassionate as in the song "Sweet Child O' Mine" Axle Rose is calling his girlfriend "Child" as in this song the drug is calling the person in this song "child" but it's not meant in a literal sense, just a compassionate one (Wholy shikes! I cant believe I just compared "Sweet Child O' Mine to "Pet"!!!) ON THE POLITICAL NOTE: Maynard didn't intend for this song to seem political people like the ones that posted here came up with that, so everyone started asking him if it was political and he said "No" it wasn't intended to be. This was in between the Thirteenth step and eMOTIVe albums so when they did the eMOTIVe album (Which was supposed to be about looking at the political views of war and peace) Maynard made a remixed version of "Pet" called "Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums" To fit the the format of that album and as the title intends "IS" supposed to be political. But Pet is not. And as for people who think they know what they're talking about when they say it's about religion, they're wrong, as clarified above. I mean I can see where you could get that idea but that's not what it's about....Phew!!! that took forever but that's THE REAL TRUTH IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME BUY AND WATCH THE aMOTION DVD... by the way I'm 15......:]
  • Jeff from Acton, On"don't fret precious"

    he's embracing a weak soul ? treating it ever so gently?

    "step away from the window"

    don't dabble looking for answers, truth?
    "Swayin to the rhythm of the new world order and
    Count the bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drum" .....only the strong survive and they're taking over....

    The song can be viewed as being about 2 bodies - a controlling, maybe obsessive body and a weaker body. It can be related to the relationships between god and the world, father and son, government and society, or drugs and the user.

  • Neeraj from Vitican, Greeceiam great lover of soft songs.but in my childhood i use to with a high school education and a grasp on reality can realize that Bush is just one man, surrounded by checks and balances. if u want to attack the government as a whole, awesome, i'd be right there with you, but to just attack bush or the republican party reveals a hideous lack of depth
  • Nick from Knoxville, Tnnot evry APC or Tool song is about anal sex petar
  • Abbeh from New Orleans, LaThis is definitely one of my favorite songs.
    It could refer to a lot of things, definitely the War on Terror and DEFINITELY the control of drugs on one's body. It could also be about the control religion/politics/stereotypical views has on the population.
    However, when I first heard it, I thought it was about pedophilia.
    Because the tone of the song uses phrases such as "child" and "precious" and saying to go back to sleep.
    It also states "Pay no mind what other voices say
    They don't care about you, like I do, like I do" Kinda like this person's wild obsession with the "child" has taken over, trying to convince the kid to "pay no mind to the rabble" and ignore all the ones that love him/her.

    I dunno. Just when I first heard the song, the tone made me think of someone holding a child captive from his family and such and possibly threating to kill him.
  • Petar from Belgrade, SerbiaYou gotta keep an open mind people. Im only 14 and dont know to much bout the world but i know that MANY ppl have said before the lyrics to this song and most tool and APC songs are open and can be interprated in many different ways. which is the genius of them all. Take this song for what it means to me. eg. to me this song has a strong political leaning but i see how to others it could be related to drugs or even...anal sex.haha. As manyard has said (well someone told me he said it) every song is about anal sex. =]
  • Tom Graham from Canberra, AustraliaMaynard is not singing about politics or drugs or the war.

    I believe in PET, Maynard is referring the to way soceity is controlled by elitist families who have been gaining ever more control over our economies and social systems as time goes by.

    By saying "elitist families" I am refering to what is commonlly known as the Illuminati.

    The song is written from the viewpoint of an elitist and in the style of an elitist talking to it's pet.
    The pet being us, society.

    The elistest's believe that by controlling us, they are also protecting us.
    They really do belive they are doing good.

    The most powerful line of the song is:
    "Swayin' to the rhythm of the new world order and"

    The New World Order cannot be mistaken to mean any other thing.

    People, Maynard is alot smarter then he lets on, and knows more about this world and its inner workings then the common brainwashed musician.

    Look into this stuff (illuminati, new world order) people, it really does make a whole lot of sense.

    And you know you can't say that for much else in your life.
  • Jessica Marie from Palm Beach Gardens, FlI am not sure exactly what this song is about, but I certainly am fascinated by it. When I first listened to it I did not think that it was about the government or politics. As there tends to be a central theme to every A Perfect Circle album, Maynard probably would not have included a politically motivated song in an album based on drug addiction. An easy way to find out more about the meaning of Pet is to listen to the two songs following it; Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rythm of the War Drums is not the only song continuation of Pet. Lullaby, right after Pet on the Thirteenth Step album, includes the same lyrics. I think this is proving that the voice is not harmful, merely deceptive. However, the voice is protective in an ironic way. The voice has knowledge which the "son" [who is not a child, merely an innocent, unexposed soul] is not yet aware of. The knowledge could be of anything, but personally I think it is about the world in general. When the voice says, "Safe from pain and truth and choice and other poison devils" it is referring to the pain suffered throughout the world, truth that the world is nothing more than abyss of sorrow, the careless choices made which cost people their lives ["counting bodies like sheep"], and poision devils is a reference to the substances [drugs and alcohol, which shows how this song would tie into the rest of the Thirteenth Step album] those exposed to the bitter reality of this world use as an attempt to escape. The war drums are simply another reference to the evil of the world, as are the boogeymen. One line which no one else pointed out ["Stay with me, Safe and ignorant, Just stay with me, Hold you and protect you from the other ones, the evil ones, Don't love you song, Go back to sleep"] is clearly showing that the voice is a knowledgeable one who has already been exposed to the dangers of the world and managed to live through them ["A will to survive and a voice of reason"]. When I read in someone else's comment that Maynard was a war veteran, this seemed logical to me; Maynard has more knowledge about the world around him than others. Pet is an attempt to protect us from the world Maynard has already been exposed to.
  • Renee from Macon, GaSo many of you have tried to nail down poor Maynard's poetic liscence to a board that is all too straight and narrow. Music is never about the straight and narrow. For those that are truley gifted (such as Maynard), writing is a meandering path which never ends and is one that shouldn't ever be blocked. Much like a labrynth, the art of writing will guide the mind to places that where previously unvisited. Politics, Religion, Oppression, Anger, Love, Addictions, Relationships, Family, these are all STARTING places from which new, more honost paths emerge and to not visit one of them (i'm now referring to Krystle's comments) such as Politics, only cripples a writer's ability follow their true path. Only when the expression is complete,the path completely followed, is one staying true to the art of writing.
    Politically charged athems are not new to the music scene. I don't know how old Kysten,John, or Aaron are or how much they know of history, or how much they know about music in general for that matter, but throughout the ages music has been an outlet for those who opposed or disagreed with their government. (Do you not know anything of the anti-war movement of the 60's and 70's and music's envolvemnent thereof?) In fact, in the earlier days of mankind, music was the only form of communication between those who disagreed with their leaders. Songs were thick with symbolism and allusions. Nearly every nursery ryme u hear today was at some point a song about politics, war or oppression. John, Kystle, maybe u shouldn't ask what's wrong with Maynard, Maybe you should look inside yourself. Why are you so unwilling to hear Maynards frustrations with the many disfunctional institutions in our world today? Are you afraid that you yourselves are members of the so-called "apathetic dulled masses". Apathy is a very serious problem in our world. Its seems as though you are polarized by its very mention. Yet, who better to hear words of experience from than a person who has been in the military and is a veteran? You must not think that would lead to him having any insight into the matter huh?
    Aaron, at times i HAVE found myself favoring a particular artist b/c of their political leanings. It is an outlet which i seek b/c of my own frustrations with such things. I am not a sad, sad soul. I am uplifted by the fact that someone with a bigger voice than my own might help speak for me. Yet, I am a lover of EVERY muscical expression and I do not limit myself from seeking such outlets. Thankfully it seems that Maynard hasn't limited himself either. Otherwise today we'd be listening to the 100th song written by Maynard James Keenan that talked about "human evolution" or "death".And then only to read a post from someone complaining that his music isn't diverse enough. Its seems alien to me that one would deny music's direct relationship with social and political change. And wow! at the name calling Krystle!
    "Hollywood idiots"
    Hhmm, makes me think of a's it go?...Oh Yeah, I remember...
    "Who are you to wave your finger, you must've been out your head. Eye Hole deep in muddy water, you pratically raise the dead. Rob the grave to snow the cradle and burn the evidence down. Soap Box house of cards and glass so don't go tossing your stones around"
    aahh! Now, there we go, that's it: Another well written verse (by Maynard) that applies to everyone here...not exluding myself.
  • Andy from New York, NyI find this to be the perfect song to wake up to. The systematic metallic feeling of the first 20 seconds wake you up, and you start listening to the lyrics, which lull you to "go back to sleep..." three seconds before the heavy artillery kicks in again. This pattern repeats over and over, and by the time it's over you feel quite awake.
  • Ildotche from Bergen, NorwayI didnt bother to read all the other commemts, but its important to note that the entire 13th step album is drug related. The political message that seems to be in this song is presented again in the remix "counting bodys like sheep to the rythem of the war drums" from eMotive, in a more direct and attacking way.
  • Jon from Sacramento, CaThe song is definitely about a war between the drug addict and the drug. The song revolves around the inner battle the user has with the drugs; the drugs are very controlling and have a lot of influence. The lines that hint at loading and firing a weapon, to me, is the process of loading a syringe and shooting up. The counting bodies statement refers to the fact that the drugs just don't want the user to get help and just sleep it off (counting sheep), with the war drums reference relating to the inner battle again (maybe the users want to get cleaned up but he/she easily succumbs to the drugs influence).
  • Topher from Chicago, Ilreading all of your comments makes me lose so much faith in the intellegence of humanity.
  • Axl from Kilgore, VtHonestly it doesnt really matter what Maynard's intention was when he wrote this song. The fact is he makes awesome music and awesome music can be taken in many different ways. A true artist creates music that allows you to "listen" and find out what it means to you.
  • James from Yuma, AzI don't think this song is as much about war or politics as it is a criticism of apathy. The voice of the song is the voice of apathy itself. In other words, don't pay attention or get involved with the world around you, just go back to sleep. Obviously, the lyrics make generous use of sarcasm to drive home the point that apathy is the alternative to facing the truth. So many people believe that if they just ignore problems, they will go away. If the song says anything about politics, its that the system is inclined to encourage your apathy. Its like saying "Don't worry about it, we'll think for you."
  • Adam from Dallas, TxThis song is not political. Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums is. This song is, again, about addiction. Its about the guy who tells his friend to get away from the window and come take a hit. Its about being a pet to the drug. The bodies being counted are the people being sucked into the group, as people induce others to succumb to addictions. Its about how people lose their individuality to drugs, and a culture of drugs.
    (Source: aMOTION commentary)
  • Megan from Brooklyn, Mi"Pet" isnt on Mer De Noms, its on Thirteenth Step.
  • Megan from Brooklyn, MiThe way I interpret this song is that a small boy has voices in his head that are telling him to ignore reality and the "rabble" referred to is not only the political world but also other issues that the boy clearly needs to deal with. I think Maynard is singing from the eyes of a single voice in the boy's head, telling him to ignore those important things. Maybe the boy is thinking of hurting people and has a violent soul.

    "I'll be the one to protect you from
    A will to survive and a voice of reason"

    The voice is obviously not a positive influence. Also, the "Bogeymen" can refer to other people in the boy's life, possibly trying to help him.

    All around I think this song is about a boy's personal battles with someone inside his head.
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaThe government tries to convince people that all the crap they're doing, all the violence, and everything that's going on that they don't want us to know is okay. It's not about drugs, that's just a damn cover up! It's about all the crap that we have to unknowingly put up with and we can't save ourselves from it, because the very thing that keeps the world together is government. It's a lose-lose situation.
  • Dan from Santa Clarita, Cathough when i first heard this song i thought it was about the "Diary of Anne Frank".
  • Liz from Dearborn , MiBush is a fugirehead with little real power, but just as the figurehead receives the praise and credit when things go right, it must assume the blame when things go worng.
  • Linsey from Johannesburg, South Africathis song is actually about a child he has kidnapped. my brother is a perfect circle fanatic
  • Peter from Ottawa, CanadaIn reponse to Barbara, while that is certainly a valid interpretation of -part- of the lyrics, I think you missed the real message. There is certainly a paternal or authoritative figure trying to soothe a child/subject/citizen, but I doubt Maynard would tell his child to "count the bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the wardrums". The "paternal voice" is trying to shelter the child from pain, but also from truth and choice, blinding it from what is actually going on and putting a positive spin on something horrific (bodies becoming a tool for soothing). It's rather more sinister than a father truly wanting to protect his child.
  • Diego from Panama, Otherto James from Victoria, Canada:

    Yes, "Pet" and "Counting Bodies Like Sheep..." are so similar because "Counting Bodies Like Sheep..."is Pet's second part. most ppl say its a remix, but maynard said that it was indeed the second part of Pet
  • Kevin from Indepence, MoThis album came out long before the war on terror.
  • Barbara from Cleveland, OhI always thought this was a song about his son. It sounds like he wants his son to stay with him and not grow up and have to deal with everything bad about life.
    I'll be the one to protect you from your enemies and your choices son
    Sounds like he wants him to always remain a child so that he can protect him from everything. Just look at the last verse.
  • Dan from Santa Clarita, Caas Maynard has said that all these songs on this album are about drugs, each being of a different point of view, this one is indeed in the view of the drug, "i'll be the one to protect you from your enemies and your choices son, they're one and the same, i must isolate you..." its the drug claiming to be comforting. this song's "part 2" as maynard claims off of emotive, is the one about war and bush. if you watch the DVD and the Video for "Count the bodies like sheep to the rythm of the war drums" it will explain this with the MJK commentary.
  • Evee from Jacksonville, FlPet. I hear this song to be obvious. It's a skitsophrantic man hearing many voices. He hears one particular voice. That voice is telling him follow me, do as I say, and you will be safe. The voice is telling him to kill people. The man thinks he's safe, protected, and doesn't know any better, as he's doing the evil voices bidding. I find it to be dark, disturbing, and deep. I try to wonder how that would feel. What a trip huh?
  • Aaron from Zanesville, OhTo anybody who thinks this is either about drugs (I saw one reference to heroin?) or are certain that it is not taking a stab at the Bush administration(s), I shall point your attention to the line "swaying to the rhythm of the new world order and and count the bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drum." This particular line is the one line tying all the other ideas of the song together and giving the lyrics direction. The "Pet" is a possible reference to the general population, under control of an elite ruling caste (especially here in the US). "Step away from the window, go back to sleep" could be interpreted as the alleged New World Order's need to keep us commonfolk from seeing (through the window) what is going on around us. So on and so forth. If you're unfamiliar with New World Order theories, they're bountiful online (Alex Jones, Phil Schneider) and can fit this particular song from top to bottom much easier than one can apply heroin.
  • Rocco from Toronto, CanadaPicture if you will .... George Bush speaking to a child that represents America. "Don't fret precious I'm here, step away from the window, go back to sleep." An obvious metaphor of Bush trying to hide the truth from the american people. Scaring the public with the 'Bogeyman coming'. 'Head down, go to sleep to the rhythm of the war drums', is an obvious reference to Bush's attempt to keep the majority of the population ignorant of the real reasons behind the war in Iraq. Picture Bush, shutting the drapes in the little child's (America) room, while the truth lies outside the window. Telling the child "I'll be the one to protect you from, your enemies and all your demons. I'll be theone to protect you from, a will to survive and the voice of reason". "I will isolate and save you from yourself". You GO MAYNARD!!
  • Patch from Bangor, MeI've veiwed this song in every possible way, from political to drug related to even romantic. What I really think it's about is heroin, and what it would say if it could talk. I could be wrong. I've seen some really cool theories here. I used to think it was political but to me the whole thirteenth step album is about drugs.
  • Gerald from Olathe, KsOne of my friends ( who also happens to be one of my idols) is a huge protester of the media and Bush, and when he FIRST heard the lyrics, he fell in love with this song. TO me, it's obviously because of it's deceptive connotations. That, and the remix "Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War drums"'s video basically shows so. I'm not saying that this is indeed what "Pet" is about, but just the fact that a very educated person like my friend immediately took it as that without having to listen to it a number of times before viewing it this way implies so.
  • Steven from Victorville, CaI think a lot of these comments are very good, and the whole "lets hate bush thing" is really dumb, but other then that i agree with ian, chicago, IL and Alex, Salina, KS the most, just because the bush thing is stupid. I agree with ian because its definetely a parent child situation from my point of view. A very controlling dad towards a daughter in particular, but i think its more of a rapist type of situation ,"count the bodies liek sheep the rythme of the war drum" this could mean count the bodies as in count the bodies as the dad has killed who tried to oppose his daughter and to the war drum as in him raping her, (this is jus a far out there opinion but it could be it)
  • Ian from New York, NyLook even if the song was written about one thing you can make it what ever you want to. That's the whole point of even trying to interpret a song. Oh, and to Krystle, it's a bad idea to believe much maynard tells you since he's all about THINKING FOR YOURSELF.
  • Justine from Montreal, CanadaOf course the song PET has meany different meanings that we can interprate. Maynard must be proud that we are thinking for ourselves and debating things such as this. APC is great, but TooL is even deeper (Maynard James Keenan is also the lead singer of the amazing band TooL). From the Song Lateralus:" Over thinking, over analysing separates the body from the mind".
    Maynard is quite a character, but, supposedly, in the Band of A Perfect Circle, it is all the members together that write the lyrics opposed to TooL in which it is mostly Maynard, being brillant and poetic. Both bands are amazing and different. I was shocked to how far APC went to protest against war and Bush, coming out with Emotive. But I cant blaim them. I admire them. HAsnt anyone seen the video clip for Imagine? Oh yeah, secondly: of course what is said in a song is very important and can be very deep and full of symbolism. But let's not forget about the music. Not saying we do. Music.
    Hopefully, we're not saying all the same things over and over.
  • James from Victoria, CanadaDidn't You also notice (if you bought eMOTIVE) The extreme similarity to COunting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm of The War Drums?
  • Serge from Portland, MeThis song, along with the entire album is about drug addiction. In this particular song the drug is the narriator; "Pay no mind to what other voices say, they don't care about you, like I do.
    Safe from truth, pain and choice and other poison devils." Then the user takes a hit; "See? They don't give a f... about you like I do." Great song, great album, hell great band.
  • Krystle from Brooklyn, NyOk, enough of this war and politics stuff about "Pet." "Pet" has NOTHING to do with war or politics or Bush--the song is about drugs. I know this for a fact because I have a DVD where Maynard explains the meanings behind his songs and this song was written waaaaaay before we went to war with Iraq. The "pet" is the person who is controlled by his/her master THE DRUG. He says that this song is kind of like a Richard Pryor comedic piece where the drug is talking to this song the drug is telling you to go back to sleep ... I'M here to take care of you now...I care about you more than anyone else...I'll keep you safe from pain, truth, choice and all the other poisoned devils...Just stay with me, safe and ignorant. This is about the Drug controlling your life--making you it's pet. Now, AFTER this song was released and the whole political situation manifested this song was looked at with new eyes by many people, INCLUDING MAYNARD and as a result Maynard made a "part two" to Pet entitled "Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums" which IS about the war and our Government and Bush and the whole nine yards. I can't believe Maynard sunk so low--leave politics OUT of your unites people but when politics are thrown into the mix all you do is divide people. What's happening Maynard? Keep the songs deep and ORIGINAL...I thought you weren't like the other "Hollywood idiots" that you sing about...looks like you're one and the same now if you ask me. Wake up!
  • Amanda from Mineral Ridge, Ohi think this song is about the current state of our country... i can see Bush singin this too us asking us to pay no mind to whats going on in the war and not to bother to ask any questions. He will take care of us right **cough** sure it points out that our society is ignorant and unaware of whats going on in the world . We just kinda go with it and assume its all for the best
  • George from Hell, PaWell, this song was released after 9/11, despite the fact that Mer De Noms was released before ...and the reason is, it's not on Mer De Noms, totally different album. It's about a corrupt government teaching backwards morals, and although Maynard was anti-Bush, I doubt it was about only Bush.
  • Zombi00 from Portland, Orscheisse... *pulls foot from mouth*
    look everybody! my up all night jackass routine. forgive my apparent ignorance and disregard. :
  • Zombi00 from Portland, Ormaynard truely is THE man. not only a wonderful writer and singer, he's apparently psychic! according to you guys he's singing of the war on terror about 1.2 years before september 11th. the Mer De Noms Cd came out in May of 2000.
  • Ruth from Phoenix, AzI disagree with the whole war idea. I read on another forum that they saw it was about religion, which I think fits a lot better. It seems more likely that he is talking about Christiany in particular. From this song, he illustrates the fear and deception that religion can bring to people when they take it too literally and have too much blind faith in it. A good example would be the constant fear of whether someones after life will be spent in eternity in heaven or hell. Another good song that's related to this one is Judith.
  • Brent from Neodesha, KsThink for yourself. Question authority.

    November 2nd, coinciding with the presidential election, APC will be releasing a collection of songs about WAR, PEACE, LOVE AND GREED, entitled "eMOTIVe."
  • Brent from Neodesha, KsDamn.... I think Bill from Topeka, KS pretty much summed it up!!
  • Ian from Chicago, Ili think the main thing about this song to consider is its perspective. this is where the meaning comes out. the one speaking is of a guardian figure (father, mother, government, church etc.) to a child (who isn't nescessarily a young person, but someone who apt to be easily influenced due to his easy impressionability from said guardian figure.)
    the title, Pet, is referring to the "child" as the guardian's "pet". instead of raising the child as another human, the guardian is training the child like he would a dog or a cat by keeping him "safe and ignorant" insteading of encouraging the child to develop his own "voice of reason" and PERSONAL "will to survive".
    the war drum is a motif for the television where there seems to be a constant beat of soldiers and people dying because of the war. but, according to the father this is just "rabble" and the child should just ignore it. go to sleep to the sounds of CNN.
    the guardian is keeping the child safe from "truth, pain, and choice and other poison devils" because these are qualities that one would need to to think for ones self and develop his own "voice of reason" and PERSONAL "will to survive". in other words, these ideas are just bad and its better to not think about them. after another chorus, the guardian promises to take the role to protect the child from his "enemies", "demons", "will to survive", "voice of reason", "choices". Ultimately, the guardian believes that its better to be an ignorant pet rather than a reasoning, personal surviving, freedom to choose individual. this striving for ignorance "is the rhythm of the new world order."
    "the boogeymen are coming" is the guardian's way of yelling at the child to fear him into going to sleep and accepting this new world order of thinking.
    personally i feel that the song isn't necessarily about the War on Terror but the final end goal of our collective concousness, way of live, and way of thinking. the war on terror is just a small part of the new world order. if we don't start thinking for ourselves, finding the truth, finding reason we're going to be swaying to the rhythm the wardrum ourside our very own windows.
  • Alex from Salina, KsMy point is that Maynard doesn't usually write about well known things. All I'm trying to say is that this topic seems far to discussed for Maynard to write about, or so I thought. When was this song written anyway? Wasn't it before the war on terror started?
  • Denise from Long Beach, CaWhy can't he or any other artist write a song about politics? Isn't that what being an artist is about? Expressing yourself and your feelings. Whether it be about religion, politics, relationships or just everday life itself.
  • Alex from Salina, KsWhy would Maynard be taking a stab at war when he himself is a war veteran? Did he pull a John Kerry and change his mind on that? In my oppinion I don't think this song is about Bush or politics at all for that matter. I think this song is about something to do with his child hood, or something deeper than that even. The whole "hate Bush cause it's the cool thing to do" is waaaay to shallow and over-argued for Maynard to even consider writing about.
  • Dallas from Pensacola, Fli don't think he is going at just bush, but the whole bush administration and the way i hear it probably most of the government
  • John from Texas, Vawell i hope this isnt what maynard was shooting for...anyone with a high school education and a grasp on reality can realize that Bush is just one man, surrounded by checks and balances. if u want to attack the government as a whole, awesome, i'd be right there with you, but to just attack bush or the republican party reveals a hideous lack of depth and understanding of how our world works...maynards a god in my book, but thats because i thought he was above the rest of the musical world...if this song interpretation is correct, it puts him in the same category as all the idiotic middle school dropout punk bands who can think of nothing original, and so merely bash the republican party...what happened to being deep, and writing songs about human evolution? ...sorry i had to get this off my chest, its been killing me...whats happening maynard?
  • Dallas from Pensacola, Flyea this song is very awsome and defenitnly the best song that sums up bush
  • Aaron from Kennewick, WaOh, and anyone who favors a particular band or artist because of their politic leanings is a sad, sad soul.
  • The Jorge from Hell, OtherMy favorite APC song.
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