Party In Hell

  • I've been hard up, tore down
    The things I've been through
    And the angels won't take me away
    And I've talked to Saint Peter
    He won't let me pass
    So it looks like I'm going today

    So let's have a party and tell 'em I'm home
    They'll be wailing and will lay as well
    And the devil will be dealing
    The cards as they lay
    So let's have a party in hell

    Washed up, worn out and down on my knees
    But the angels won't take me away
    The bartender only serves
    Brown liquor in hell
    And that sure sounds like heaven to me

    So let's have a party and tell 'em I'm home
    They'll be Janice and Jimi as well
    And Rick James will bring all the cocaine you want
    So let's have a party in hell

    So let's have a party and tell 'em we're home
    They'll be No Show and Junior and Merle
    And Jamie Johnson'll be drinking from a brown paper bag
    So let's have a party in hell Writer/s: AARON LEWIS
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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