Down Payment Blues

  • I know that it's evil
    I know that it's got to be
    I know I ain't doing much
    Doing nothing means a lot to me
    Living on a shoe string
    A fifty cent millionaire
    Open to charity
    Rock 'n' roller welfare

    Sitting in my Cadillac
    Listening to my radio
    Suzy baby get on in
    Tell me where she want to go
    I'm living in a nightmare
    She's looking like a wet dream
    I got myself a Cadillac
    But I can't afford the gasoline

    I've got holes in my shoes
    And I'm way overdue
    Down payment blues

    Get myself a steady job
    Some responsibility
    Can't even feed my cat
    On social security
    Hiding from the rent man
    Oh it makes me want to cry
    Sheriff knocking on my door
    Ain't it funny how the time flies

    Sitting on my sailing boat
    Sipping off my champagne
    Suzy baby all at sea
    Say she want to come again
    Feeling like a paper cup
    Floating down a storm drain
    Got myself a sailing boat
    But I can't afford a drop of rain

    [Chorus] Writer/s: Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Ronald Scott
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 5

  • Martin from EnglandShows Bon’s brilliance as a lyricist/poet and a great tune too.
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjGreat song from an underrated album
  • Randy from New Hartford, NyThis was one of those songs that I knew I was gonna love right from the first few notes- even though at the time I had no clue who did it. It remains as one of my top 5 AC/DC songs.
  • Austin from Bristow, VaVery sad song. It shows that the boys from AC/DC went through some tough times before sucess was theirs.
  • Selina from Perth, AustraliaThis is a great song from Bon n the boys- someone comment!!!...
    Explains alot about the early life of the band who were ready to get their kick-start but livin off the strerets n sharin beds with rats. Rock On AC/DC ! :)
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