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  • Hot wax drippin'
    Honey what do you say
    I got a brand new record
    That I gotta play
    She says not now boy
    But I did anyway
    'Cause I'm ready, so ready
    Lip smackin' paddy wackin'
    Walkin' the street
    I got a rag top chevy
    Now I'm back on my feet
    I get an EMHO woody
    When I sit in the seat
    'Cause I'm ready, so ready, yeah

    I got a girlfriend with the hoochy-coochy eyes
    'Cause in the pink she look so fine
    She got the cracker jack now all I wants the prize, honey heh heh heh

    I know these hookers down on forty-second street, but
    Ill-gotten booty's not my style
    I'll take a rain check 'til I get back on my feet, honey heh heh yeah

    'Cause I'm
    Your daddy says I'm
    Your momma says I'm
    And my old lady says I'm

    Whip crackin' floozy
    Way outta control
    She got a new kinda jelly
    In her jelly roll
    I got the right key baby
    But the wrong keyhole
    And I'm ready, so ready
    I'm a red hot pistol
    And I'm ready to fight
    I'm a thirty eight special
    On a Saturday night
    I'm gonna kiss your boo-boo honey
    Make it alright
    'Cause I'm ready, so ready ooh
    I got a cruiser with a bimbo on the dash
    It kinda keeps my ass in line
    One little french kiss honey that's my kinda trash, yeah

    My brand new baby's lookin F-I-N-E, fine
    The sun is shinin' every day
    Ain't got no rubbers now it's rainin all the time, honey

    But I'm
    My little sister says I'm
    Oh my brother thinks I'm
    And my old lady knows I'm

    I feel like I'm hung up on the line
    I'd die for you but we were partners in the crime
    Everything about you is so F-I-N-E, fine
    Let's put our clothes back on
    And by the way girl
    What's your name again, uh huh

    You're daddy says I'm
    And the Tipper thinks I'm
    And Joe Perry says I'm
    Pitched my tent
    In the pouring rain
    I got a back seat lover
    That's callin' my name
    She gonna blow my cover
    She's hot as a flame
    But I'm ready, so ready, ow
    I shove my tongue
    Right between your cheeks
    I haven't made love now
    For twenty-five weeks
    I hear that you're so tight
    Your lovin' squeaks
    And I'm ready, so ready
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Writer/s: Desmond Child, Perry Anthony Joseph, Steven Tyler
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Steven from Land O Lakes, FlThis is a good song to Cruise in a convertible car too.
  • Dino from Bandung, --Another great song penned by Tyler/Perry. The album (Pump) was intentionally would be called F.I.N.E. until Geffen's A&R John Kalodner refused to use it. He felt he wouldn't have an album called "FINE".
  • Madeleine from Caerdydd, United KingdomLove this song.
    One of their best.
  • Melissa from Lorton, VaI also love this song. It's awesomely awesome.
  • Katie from Tulsa, OkI love this song. For some reason it cheers me up! Aerosmith did good on this one.
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