Miss Murder
by AFI

Album: Decemberunderground (2006)
Charted: 44 24
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  • Hey (hey), Miss Murder, can I
    Hey (hey), Miss Murder, can I
    Make (hey) beauty stay if I
    Take my life? Oh

    With just a look, they shook
    And heavens bowed before him
    Simply a look can break your heart

    The stars that pierced the sky
    He left them all behind
    We're left to wonder why
    He left us all behind

    Hey (hey), Miss Murder, can I
    Hey (hey), Miss Murder, can I
    Make (hey) beauty stay if I
    Take my life? Oh


    Dreams of his crash won't pass
    Oh, how they all adored him
    Beauty will last when spiralled down

    The stars that mystified
    He left them all behind
    And how his children cried
    "He left us all behind"

    Hey (hey), Miss Murder, can I
    Hey (hey), Miss Murder, can I
    Make (hey) beauty stay if I
    Take my life? Oh

    What's the hook, the twist within this furthest mystery?
    I would gladly bet my life upon it
    That the ghost you love, your ray of light will fizzle out
    Without hope
    We're the empty set just flowing through our empty skin
    Ever-searching for what we were promised
    Reaching for the golden ring, we never let go
    Who would ever let us put our filthy hands upon it?

    Hey (hey), Miss Murder, can I
    Hey (hey), Miss Murder, can I
    Make (hey) beauty stay if I
    Take my life? Oh

    Hey (hey), Miss Murder, can I
    Hey (hey), Miss Murder, can I
    Make (hey) beauty stay if I
    Take my life? Oh Writer/s: Adam Carson, David Marchand, Hunter Burgan, Jade Puget
    Publisher: O/B/O CAPASSO
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 63

  • Rondo Hunter from Jacksonville Beach, FlTopher my best friend in the UK! Old chap you've hit it spot on, just checked it out and you were absolutely correct. Excellent, clears up a two decade old mystery for me. Thought I had lost a bit of the old grey matter, and that's probably true too. Thank you my friend, you've set my mind and ears at ease.
  • Topher from Wales, Uk@Rondo Hunter - Not seen the video but I'd guess you're thinking of Murder by The Crystal Method? that featured Scott Weiland...circa 2001 ish?
  • Rondo Hunter from Jacksonville Beach, FlDoes anyone remember an earlier version of "Miss Murder" that sounds different from this one, and the video featured Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots) as an actor participating in the story based on the song? Must have been 25 years or so ago by now that I remember seeing it. Now I can't find any info regarding this issue. Though up in years a bit I know my mind didn't just make it up, I can hear it in my head and I have no musical abilities at all so I couldn't have imagined it. Anyone? Help?
  • Brett Thompson from IndianaInterpretation is wrong as hell.
    Miss murder is a demon that promised the fallen that they were going to get to heaven... the demon and the fallen were left by Lucifer. Lucifer is the one who can break your heart with a look... the fallen have no soul. Empty and now here on earth waiting and searching for a way to cheat there way back in heaven
  • Tristen from Niota, TnI'm pretty sure this song is about Hitler you guys.
  • Charlie from Las Vegas, Nvi totally agree with the majority of you. AFI is a cool band and Miss Murder is a cool song. And i guess Dee in IL, in a sense it could be about Kurt Cobain, come to think of it.
  • Fred from Pittsburgh, PaSorry your all wrong, Stars are fallen angels and he is Lucifer. He left them all here on earth, 3 secret society, hitler ect. and my favorite the golden ring (harry potter) who would let them lay their dirty hands upon it
  • Ashley from Moravia, NyThis is a really good song! I dont care for the music Vidio for it but it is alright.
  • Raven from Lockport, LaI agree with the interp. in dark orange.
  • Eden from Folsom, Cai think this has nothing to do with god and so forth, its about the singer. Miss Murder may be Fame or Life which are usually personified with the word her
  • Vanessa from Nevada, MoInstead of looking at the song as God's point of view think of it as Jesus's. "Can I make beauty stay if I take my life?" Jesus died on the cross for our sins. He knew that by giving up his life he would save us from sin. "With just a look they shook, And heavens bowed before him. Simply a look can break your heart." Christians were devastated when they found out that Jesus had to die and it was just as devastating to see. "The stars that pierce the sky, he left them all behind. We're left to wonder why he left us all behind." "The stars that mystified he left them all behind, and how his children cry, he left us all behind." Jesus died and rose to the heavens leaving his children behind. For a christian this could have been very difficult to understand. And then later into the song when they're talking about ray of light fizzling out means that we lost our way and forgot of the love that Jesus had and we've strayed from him. And then also the golden ring as in the halo's and such and how if we are "filthy" we may not enter heaven. This is just how I feel and some of your interpretations have some good points. I just find this song hard to believe is about Davey himself.
  • Katie from Kingston, OnI definitely don't see how this would be a song about God... I think everyone at some point thinks about how the world will remember them when they've died. It's a little more about "it's better to burn out than it is to fade" and I don't see that as egotistical, more just human.
  • Bre from Bean, Flconsidering dave's an atheist...
  • Tasha from Fort Worth, Txquestion! why in the music video would he add the song preluce 12/21 in the begining of miss murder? whats the point?
  • Goregeousjezebel from Lake Charles, LaAll I know is he looks like a big, gay elf in the music video...
  • Zannek from Townville, PaHas anyone ever had the idea that it could be about religion? However instead of it being about God abandoning us, could it possibly be about Lucifer and his fall from heaven? I mean before he fell, he was adored most by all of the angels...I dunno...It's just a thought. I mean, I'm not saying any of you are wrong, but none of us will really ever know unless we asked AFI.
  • D from Chattanooga, Tni've been trying to figure this one out too... at first i had the "god" theory too but some of it just didn't fit that. then reading the lyrics again and watching the video again i kinda had the wierd idea that maybe its referring to Hitler... not sure why he would write a song about him lol maybe it's not so much OF him but of the same mistakes that many in his place of power have made....anyways, so the way he stands before the crowd in the video it felt that way, like hiltler on the balcony before the masses of people, and the words... "Can i make beauty stay if i take my life", how hitler was so into what he felt was the beautiful race and all, and he did commit suicide right? maybe thinking he could make a better mark in history that way "make beauty stay" .... then "with just a look they shook, the heavens bowed before him" how people were both terrified of him and bowed before him, a horrible man, but a powerful one as well....then the referrences to stars "the stars that mystified, he left them all behind" how he was obsessed with astrology and the predictions of nostradamus.... just a few things i noticed anyways, could be totally wrong. the song could mean so many things, could be about any one person of power. the question is who... the song is "miss murder" feminine... but the refferences are of a man; miss murder is who he pleads with to preserve what he hold dear, "beauty" in whatever context he means... wether miss murder is the grim reaper, a real person or even just "murder"/ suicide itself. this song is a fantastic puzzle and i would love to know what davey havoks own interpretation is :)
  • Erik from Brownwood , Txwell said ...
  • Jessica from Lake Charles , LaI don't think it was about himself, or at least I'd hope not. I'd like to think of him as less egotistical than that. Of course I don't know him or anything about him really so it very well could be. Actually I was very shocked when I looked up this song and saw what they had posted as the meaning. I had convinced myself it was about the suicide of someone very close to him like a father or brother. In fact I was so convinced the only reason I looked up the meaning was to see exactly who it was that killed himself. Anyway songs like this almost always have different meanings for different people, that's why they become so popular. Songs like these are the kind of songs it seems best not to know the meaning of because the true meaning can disappoint you. You think it has some great important meaning when really it has no meaning at all. If the song has some meaning to you in your life, well that's the most important meaning of all.
  • Megan from Seminary, Mshe is scared that he will fail as a music artist. ms. murder is like the omniscient goddess of his fame. it's a little like God by saying that if he gives his life can he keep his fame......DUH!!!!
  • Macy from A Place, Ohwheres miss murder from
    God did not leave us of commit suicide
    i dont think it has anything to do with god
    it may be jesus though because he let himself be killed on the cross to save us
    then he rose up into heaven and he hasnt come back yet
  • Jeremy from Ventura, CaI hate this song and i hate rabbits (lol).
    heres the story.
    i was at the fair my friend and my brother. My friend hates this song with a passion, and it was my ringtone on my phone for when my brother called. jus to annoy the hell out of my friend, my brother kept calling me. we get into the livestock area, and there was this rabbit. i started to pet it... and it took a chunk out of my finger! and the rest of the day, that song played in my head. and the next it came n the radio like 50 times and i saw the video like 5 times and... argh.
  • Erik from Brownwood , Txi dont think the song revolves around god but it might have a little relation in some verses but i still think its about abortion. raii is right its all about perceptions. how you see the song. (hear).
  • Patty from Alamo, Txi dont know but this song kicks ass...
  • Jenna from Nova Scotia, CanadaOK I'm not sure about this one but,I'm pretty sure irs about someone whos significant other left them behind,so they felt as if life wasn't worth it with all the pain,so they ask Miss Murder to come and kill them so they wouldn't have to endure any more pain.My english teacher would kill me for that run on sentence.And anyway all he asks of Miss Murder is that she leaves their beauty behind.Oh and this song has nothing to do with god.
  • Raii from May , TxSo im new to all of this. but I'm going to have to say that i agree with Erik. And before you get all mad i just want to state why. [if thats ok with you]][and if its not just stop reading]] ok one. i mean look at the songs name. Miss Murder doesnt that mean anything? and yes panic at the disco picks names that have to relation to their songs but still i mean. think about it. truly think about it. two. most notice that i said MOST! lyrics//lines in this vould be about abortion. That and then again it might thats right i said might, be about someone that they know dieing?! i mean who really knows. i mean i write music that i think of as one way, but when my friends//family hear take it a totally different way. so its all about how you take the words. its what you want it to mean in your own head.
  • Mar from Lansing, MiThis is the first AFI song I believe I've listened to, so I don't have the AFI background that some people here probably do. But here's my interpretation of some of the song. "Miss Murder" is, I think, just a clever name for the reaper, as Chris said. I don't think this song is about God, for the same reasons that others don't. I don't think it's about Hitler, either. And as for abortion? That seems a bit silly to me. Erik, "who would ever let us put our filthy hands upon it" is referring to the "golden ring", which you didn't mention. Chris, it's a good theory, but the changing of pov would be a bit weird. I like the Kurt Cobain theory, too. I do think it's about a musician because of the "empty set" line. "Set" is another word for a stage (or something similar), if I'm not mistaken. "I would gladly bet my life upon it that the ghost you love, Your ray of light will fizzle out without hope." I think that's saying that the person that it is talking about memory will die, too; like Chris said, no one can be immortalized. It's still sort of a mystery to me, although I have a few favourites [Kurt Cobain; Chris's theory that it's about Davey; James Dean] but then again, I like how cryptic it is. It would kind of ruin the mystery this song is shrouded in if they told who it was about.
  • Erik from Brownwood , Tx first i would like to complement chris for staying cool and not exploding like some other people i have seen on here. next i would just like to note that Im sorry for having the wrong lyrics but after "your ray of light will fizzle out Without hope" it is (according to chris) "We're the empty set, just flowing through, wrapped in skin Ever searching for what we were promised Reaching for that golden ring" i think this comment would be somewhat of a reference to a child being our future like were the empty set just flowing through, WRAPPED IN SKIN, is the big line to rember, and so he is comparing a child to every listener to, as chris already stated, reach an emotional level with the listeners. "we'd never let go But who would ever let us put our filthy hands upon it" once again as i have said before that "filthy hands" is refering to death and "who would ever let us put our filthy hands upon it" is somewhere along the lines of how can god let us just kill a child Im not saying chris is wrong i think i have in the past and for that i appologize but im just proposing my views and i want to hear what people think about it since im just 15 and i dont know much about the world as others.
  • Chris from Gold Coast, AustraliaErik if you listen to the words mate you will find that all the lines you quoted were wrong. So dont tell me about what I dont know champ. Grab the booklet from the CD or google the lyrics for corrections. I have already broken down the song section by section with the correct lyrics and I explained what it all means. I dont need to do it again. I put it up in 3 sections one after the other, Top most comment is the Intro explaining how everything on this page doesn't make sense. My middle comment is the body of work with full lyrics and interpretations for each lyrical part. The last is my concluding statement. Read them in order to make sense of it then maybe u will start making sense.
  • Erik from Brownwood , Txlook chris it isnt about being political it is just about a story of a girl who gets an abortion. it is more of a vague ballad so just listen to the music and enjoy what you dont know.
  • Erik from Brownwood , Tx"he left us all behind" is a good point to killing a child and leaving it behind.
    "and now his children cry he left us all behind" and now his children cry that makes sense to an abortion song.? does it not? he also makes references to life like "i would gladly bet my life upon it" and " at your cost of love your ray of life will fizzle out without hope" sounds like somthing is getting killed to me?> how about you? "When the empty sand just flowing through our empty skin" sounds to me like dust (metaphoricaly) refers to a dead child being in a mother whos skin is empty cuz she dont have a child any more? "They won't ever let us blow our filthy hands apart" filthy? is that what that says? sounds like they are unclean cuz of a murder on the hands like killing a child of a pregnant woman.? i will let you decide. so leave comments as to what it means.
  • Erik from Brownwood , Txwell the 80's punk style is kick a$$ and they should keep it up but im pretty sure it is about abortion. every thing points to it.
  • Chris from Gold Coast, AustraliaThe funny thing about it is that the whole song is about killing himself as soon as he hits the big time and its their biggest hit to date. It goes to show that nobody pays attention to subject matter when its coupled with a catchy tune and a very sing-alongable hook. My hat off to you Mr Havok once again you have shown us the error of following the crowd instead of thinking for ourselves. The joke is definitely on us...
  • Chris from Gold Coast, AustraliaMiss Murder is about Davey himself and his internal struggle with fame and adoration. One side of him fears the fall from grace that is sure to come and yet another part wishes to walk away from it all.

    Hey Miss Murder can I
    Hey Miss Murder can I
    Make beauty stay if I
    Take my life?

    The song opens with this line which also doubles as the chorus. This is an inner dialog where he is trying to broker a deal with 'Miss Murder' which is a representation of the reaper. He is asking Miss Murder to allow his persona to remain immortalized when his time comes to face her. In exchange for everlasting grace he will surrender his life to her willingly.

    Verse 1-A:
    With just a look they shook,
    And heavens bowed before him.
    Simply a look can break your heart.

    This part describes his position as an adored idol in the 1st person perspective. Not only is the crowd amazed by him, he is also amazed by them. Its all about how the crowd reacts to him when he first appears on stage creating a frenzy of excited cheers filling the room and his heart with an energy that overwhelms him. The feeling of thousands of fans calling his name uplifts him and he believes he can do anything.

    Verse 1-B:
    The stars that pierce the sky
    He left them all behind
    We're left to wonder why
    He left us all behind

    This part reverts to the point of view of the fans in the 3rd person. Davey imagines the effect of his sudden suicide has on his fans just when the band is reaching new heights in fame and success. He imagines a great feeling of loss and grasps on to it.

    Hey Miss Murder can I
    Hey Miss Murder can I
    Make beauty stay if I
    Take my life?

    Verse 2-A:
    Dreams of his crash won't pass
    Oh, how they all adored him
    Beauty will last when spiraled down

    This is now a 3rd person perspective on himself. He is entertaining himself with thoughts of being immortalized in the minds of his fans. Its also exactly what he bargained for with Miss Murder. He is getting more excited about the prospect of dying while his star is shining brightly.

    Verse 2-B:
    The stars that mistified
    He left them all behind
    And how his children cry
    He left us all behind

    Again we are back with the fans but this time he carries a more self important view of himself as he is quite delighted with how it could all work out. He will be able to rest secure in the knowledge that he will never be forgotten.

    Hey Miss Murder can I
    Hey Miss Murder can I
    Make beauty stay if I
    Take my life?

    What's the hook, the twist, within this verbose mystery?
    I would gladly bet my life upon it
    That the ghost you love, your ray of light will fizzle out
    Without hope
    We're the empty set, just flowing through, wrapped in skin
    Ever searching for what we were promised
    Reaching for that golden ring we'd never let go
    But who would ever let us put our filthy hands upon it?

    Snap! Back to reality this time Davey is speaking directly to the listener, no more nihilistic fantasies. He comes to grips with the fact that achieving immortality is impossible and that should he carry through with his plan hes going to get forgotten about anyway. Either way he is resigned to the fact that some day his shining star will fade and his fame, his youth and his prospects will go along with it. He goes on to say that we are all devoid of completion and spend our lives chasing some dream or goal thats going to fulfill us. He sees this as a futile cause as fulfillment always seems just out of reach or just around the next corner. But what else is there for him or anybody else but to keep trying.
  • Chris from Gold Coast, AustraliaAll the things here dont fit. God, abortion, hitler... all creative suggestions but it just doesnt seem to fit the profile of an AFI song. I have been listening to AFI for many years now and although the music style has gone through some cosmetic changes and the lyrics have gotten more cryptic over the years the same core elements are still there which makes all this music distinctly AFI. These things have been a constant from Very Proud Of Ya right through to December Underground.

    First and foremost AFI music is still rooted in 80's californian hardcore punk. The metal spiced punk riffs and up tempo drumming remain constant along with the Intro, 2 verses, 3 choruses and 1 breakdown song structure.

    Another thing that makes an AFI song are its lyrics. Davey has never pushed a political view in any of the albums nor does he try to impose an agenda upon the listener. Hes not trying to empower you and he doesn't tell you what to think. He doesnt want a following and he wont tell you stories to make you feel better. In fact he even mocks you.

    What he does do with his words is connect with the listener on an emotional level. His lyrics are very introverted and always have been. He deals with themes such as insecurity, devastation, pain, loss, dreams, failed ambitions and other such emotional baggage that comes from being a social pariah. All these things he draws from within himself and his own experiences. This allows Davey to enter your mind and flush away your pains with his own which gives AFI its unique ability to mesh with the audience and why there is a feeling of oneness at the shows.

    Keep this in mind when I explain what I think 'Miss Murder' is all about
  • Geoff from Los Angeles, CaCouldn't the golden ring, you know, be the old fashioned rings that you reach out to grab on old time carousels?
  • Jacob from Fresno, CaI think, honestly, that decemberunderground is AFI's best CD yet. They've continued to evolve musically and lyrically since their old days. I can't say anything bad about a band that has gone from old school punk to whatever the hell they are today.

    However, I can say that this is probably my least favorite track-- but, to say that it's about God I have to say is very incorrect.
  • Erik from Brownwood , Txevery one here is wrong the song miss murder is about abortion.. duh. if you think about it the song says MISS murder not mister and when he sings she left us all behind ... she killed her child. also when he sings "can i, make beauty stay if I take my life..." that means she felt fat or ugly while she was pregnant so she took her childs life to wel make beauty stay
  • Phil from London, EnglandOkay. First off, it simply can NOT be about God. God does NOT regret. If you knew anything about religion, you would not make judgements like that. I can very well agree with the golden rings being the halos of angels and how "who would ever let us put our filthy hands upon it". This song in my view kinda deals with the reason we are here on Earth. The words in the chorus sugguest or ask wether we would carry on aging if we died. "Make beauty stay if i take my life". Is Miss Murder a call-out to death??? I think that the song even has a character when it talks about "him". Perhaps something has happened to this character and if we knew it would break our hearts. Was he a waste of a perfectly good life who has left his children "Behind"???
  • Hillary from _, United StatesI agree with Exsanguine. I think it's about Hitler.
  • Julia from Blacksburg, Vabut who is miss murder?!
  • Julia from Blacksburg, Vathis is the best interpretation i've heard. I think this is most likely about god.
  • Cheyne from Philadelphia, Paumm.. I think this song is most likely about Hitlers life. Sounds crazy but look at Daveys clothes,look how he keeps doing Nazi hand signals and he's talking about murder,karma,and how ppl bow to him in fear.
  • Macy from New Albany, InAFI is one of the greastest bands of all time. And they SHOULD NOT die!!!
  • Nick from 150 Mile House, CanadaIve been told this song is about My Boy Elliot Smith who killed himself with 2 inflicted stab wounds. he wrote Miss Misery which is great and im told they actually wrote or recored this song in his house
  • Harry from Adelaide, AustraliaThere has been much dicussion ont he religious theory but so far (i think) on the boards we have decided it isnt a religious song.
    With the totalitarian thing: yeah its possible also int he clip they are wearing facist style clothes.
    Definately isnt about any celebrity. This may sound over-zealous fanish but AFI dont write songs that shallow....Also judging by Daveys other influences i doubt he would like Nirvana...
  • Courtney from Lindenwold, NjActually I thought it was about James Dean. He was a very good looking guy.
    "With just a look they shook and heavens bowed before him.
    Simply a look can break your heart."
    He was famous, not just for his acting obviously.

    "Dreams of his crash won?t pass
    Oh, how they all adored him." The car crash maybe?
    I don't have any more evidence to support my theory but maybe Miss Murder is his Spider car. That car is said to be cursed, anybody who even owned the tiniest piece ended up dead or in the hospital. I don't know, it's just what I think, a song can mean something different to everyone and I just don't think this song is about God or Jesus or anything religious period.
  • Carly from No Where, CanadaFirst of all ine music viedo The black rabbits were used to symbolize ill omen and often death in olden times of yore.

    This song is about Jesus I believe "How is children cried he left them all behind"

    Miss Murder being that girl whats her name, Mary Something...

    lol I don't know much because I'm an athiest but my brother told me thats what this song is about >_>

    by the way greast song! 4.5/5, with the directors cut; 6/5

  • Damien from Edmonton, CanadaI think you guys are over-analying this song too much. Let it be what AFI says it's about.
  • Meg from Hollywood, CaI don't think AFI should have ever came out with their cd December Underground.
    It was upsetting for me.
  • Ryan from Chula Vista, CaJesse, Davey has already written songs about religion and God. Saying that Miss murder is about God is not an absurd thought at all..

    And by the way, i think "miss murder" is just another name for death.
  • Patrick from Stl, Moi think AFI is gay and should die
  • Dee from Northfield, IlI have no idea how Exsanguine from Australia got the Hitler thing, but i don't think it makes sense. I don't think that these guys would sing anything about Nazis, I think it's more about assinated political figures and/or dead rock stars.
  • Zara from Wellington, New ZealandI know this is going to sound wierd but I think this song is about loosing someone that was really close to him nd life duzn't seem as beautiful now and miss murder is the angel of death.
    "Hey, Miss Murder can I
    Hey, Miss Murder can I
    Make beauty stay if I
    Take my life?"
    he's asking miss murder(the angel of death)if he should kill himself to be with the person again and then things will seem more beautyfull
  • Exsanguine from Brisbane, AustraliaMany parallels can be drawn with Adolf Hitler and totalitarianism.

    "With just a look they shook,
    And heavens bowed before him,
    Simply a look can break your heart.": "they shook" can refer to the fear instilled my Hitler. "Heavens bowed before him" is reference to the power and supreme authority over the stateheld by Hitler, or his campaign to erradicate religion. "simply a look can break your heart" refernce to members of the SS who had the authority to condemn to death anyone they saw fit.

    "The stars that pierced the sky,
    He left them all behind,
    We?re left to wonder why.
    He left us all behind.": The stars are reference to the supporters of the Nazi Party, Hitler left them behind when he commited suicide.The line "we're left to wonder why he left us all behind" refers to the general public's shock at Hitler's suicide as they did not know defeat of Nazism was imminent.

    "Hey Miss Murder can I?
    Hey Miss Murder can I?
    Make beauty stay if I,
    Take my life?": Miss Murder my either be Hitler's wife, Eva Braun, who also commited suicide or hitler's own conscience. Beauty refers to the Nazi ideal.

    "Dreams of his crash won?t pass,
    Oh how they all adored him,
    Beauty will last when spiraled down.": the "crash" is the suicide, "won't pass" refering to the legacy of hitler in history books and pop culture (film, music etc). "how they all adored him" is pretty self explanitary, hitler was a popular man amongst white supremacists.

    "The stars that mystify,
    He left them all behind.
    And how his children cried,
    He left us all behind." The stars the mistify is reference to creators of nazi propaganda, whose job it was to mislead/mistify the public. "this children" refer to the Hitler Youth.

    "What's the hook, the twist,
    Within this verbose mystery?
    I would gladly bet my life upon it.
    That the ghost you love, your ray of light,
    Will fizzle out without hope." the hook/twist is the subsequent conspiracy theories that have emerged in regards to hitler's suicide. The word "Verbose" can mean long-winded or rambling, in reference to how the conspiracy theories have not ceased over 60 years after his death. "the ghost you love"/"ray of light" is hitler.

    "We're the empty set just floating through, wrapped in skin.
    Ever searching for what we were promised.
    Reaching for that golden ring we'd never let go,
    but who would ever let us put our filthy hands upon it!": "empty set" refers to a meaningless life without a leader. "golden ring" is reference to the nazi ideal of a blonde hair, blued eye Aryan race. "but who would ever let us put our filthy hands upon it!" refers to moral outrage against the Nazi ideal which prevents them from achieving their goal.

    Well, that's my theory.
  • Dee from Northfield, IlPossible subjects of Miss Murder: Elvis, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Ramone, Joey Ramone, Jim Morrison,Freddie Mercury, the list goes on and on. It could be about some big public figure who died suddenly and shocked many. Bujt it's NOT about God, alright?
  • Jesse from Where Winter Never Ends, NhSaying that Miss Murder is about god is an absurd thhought. Hunter Burgan, the bass player, is atheist, and AFI is very close, and Davey would not write lyrics that reflected something that all any one of his band members would possibly be offended by.
  • Jesse from Pittsburgh, PaI agry with Dee, and the title Miss Murder could lead to the theory that Courtney Love murdured him.
  • Joe from Chicago, Aris anybody with me when i say how annoying this song is and how horrible the decemberunderground album is, the only song on that album that i don't mind is love like winter, but other then that their old stuff is way better and it's actually punk instead of this weird emo alternitive crap, sure there old stuff is still alternetive but it actually has some punk in it and it's not as emo.
  • Alex from Richmond, Canadaonly the first part actually makes sense. God hasn't abandoned anyone.
  • Dee from Northfield, IlThis song can also be about Kurt Cobain and how popular he became and killed himself because of that. When he commited suicide, many people wondered why he would kill himself at the age of 27.
  • Mike from Petersham, MaI wonder where they got the name 'Miss Murder' from? It makes you think kinda.
  • Arianna from Largo, Fl Okay, if this song is about God, then where does the term 'Miss Murder' come from, I wonder?
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U2 Lyrics

U2 LyricsMusic Quiz

How well do you know the lyrics of U2?

Joan Armatrading

Joan ArmatradingSongwriter Interviews

The revered singer-songwriter talks inspiration and explains why she put a mahout in "Drop the Pilot."

Billy Gould of Faith No More

Billy Gould of Faith No MoreSongwriter Interviews

Faith No More's bassist, Billy Gould, chats to us about his two new experimental projects, The Talking Book and House of Hayduk, and also shares some stories from the FNM days.