Not Alone

Album: The Fall Of Ideals (2007)
  • No more
    From the strength that

    Never has the blood in my veins
    Flown so fiercely as when I feel this around me
    I am whole

    And I'm not alone
    With the touch of your hand, I am whole again [Repeat: x2]

    Now I feel the passion burning
    This will drive me
    My results will push me further

    And I believe that I am not alone
    I'm not alone


    Give me your


    Now I feel the passion burning
    This will drive me
    My results will push me further

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  • Chris from Spijkenisse, NetherlandsIndeed, a great song.

    What you forget though, is that Phil has distanced himself from his Christianity when he writes stuff for ATR.

    It could be about your best friend or lover.
  • Mike from Denver, Cojames from houston, i agree. AWESOME
  • James from Houston, TxThis is an awesome song. Lyrics and music, it's awesome
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