Album: The Century of Self (2009)
  • I have made you in my likeness
    And I make you the keepers of my garden world
    And if you honor me in kind, I will be grateful, but be warned
    For I'm an angry, jealous God
    Who placed the demons in hell
    And the angels in heaven
    At my side

    Set me free, I'll grant your hearts desire
    And I will share the secrets of the grand design
    Give me daughters, send me sons I'll make them all chosen ones
    I will send them out to die
    To meet the angels of death
    With no tears or regrets
    I was cast down from the heights
    My blood must pay for the debt
    That was made when they left
    Because of me

    And if they taste the blood we'll let them drink
    And if they taste the flesh we'll let them eat
    And if one has to be forgiven the we'll pardon all of them
    And if they raze our walls we'll let them in
    And if they raise their swords we'll let them hit
    And if one has to be forgiven the We'll pardon all of them

    Let me lead you to the garden world
    I will place you at the right of my father's hand
    While I was tempted in the wild
    I crossed from start til end of time
    And I emerged the lamb
    Who's blood must pay for the debt
    That was made when they left
    As I ascend into the sky
    I'll free the angel from hell
    And place them in heaven
    At my side Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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