Album: Sun City (1985)
Charted: 21 38
  • We're rockers and rappers united and strong
    We're here to talk about South Africa we don't like what's
    going on
    It's time for some justice it's time for the truth
    We've realized there's only one thing we can do

    I ain't gonna play Sun City

    Relocation to phony homelands
    Separation of families I can't understand
    23 million can't vote because they're black
    We're stabbing our brothers and sisters in the back

    I ain't gonna play Sun City

    Our government tells us we're doing all we can
    Constructive Engagement is Ronald Reagan's plan
    Meanwhile people are dying and giving up hope
    This quiet diplomacy ain't nothing but a joke

    I ain't gonna play Sun City

    Boputhuswana is far away
    But we know it's in South Africa no matter what they say
    You can't buy me I don't care what you pay
    Don't ask me Sun City because I ain't gonna play

    I ain't gonna play Sun City

    It's time to accept our responsibility
    Freedom is a privilege nobody rides for free
    Look around the world baby it can't be denied
    Why are we always on the wrong side

    I ain't gonna play Sun City

    Relocation to phony homelands
    Separation of families I can't understand
    23 million can't vote because they're black
    We're stabbing our brothers and sisters in the back

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  • Gavin Londt from South AfricaAll those that contributed to this project should come back here to see how things are now. White farmers are being murdered daily. Land invasions are taking place daily. Murder and crime occurring daily. And in the meantime they are ignoring the s--t going down in their own back yards. Rich happy people that in fact don't give a s--t except for lining their own pockets. Hypocrites the lot.
  • Bobl from Sun CitrusYawn. So Sun City is obviously a white-free paradise. How many of these above mentioned esteemed freedom fighters venture to Sun City to give free concerts free the nobles? Cmon, you keep moaning and wailing about how money can't buy you love, that love is all you need. How come you don't give a $%$#5 about the situation in the free and east paradise you so modestly created?
  • Ken from Philadelphia, PaVery powerful song. Who says music can't change the world?!

    Before you jump down my throat, yes, I realize (and I think Little Steven would agree) that many, many, many people helped end aparthied in South Africa, and most of them gave a LOT more than a few minutes of their time to record a song... in fact, thousands if not millions gave their lives. Even so, this song had a huge impact. Prior to this song, most people were vaguely aware of what was happening in South Africa, but very few really did or said anything about it. In fact, Sun City, in and of itself, was a fairly minor thing. It was just a white resort that would overpay famous entertainment acts to come and play for rich white South Africans so they could kid themselves that their system and their government was just fine. Well, thanks to Steven Van Zandt and this song, that ended. Oh Sun City continued to exist as did South African apartheid, but never again could rich entertainers go and play Sun City for obscene payoffs and play dumb about where the money came from. In one more small way, the rest of the world, told South Africa that they did not approve and this must end. Soon, thanks in no small part to this song, the pressure began to grow. Many universities (often after student protests) and other organizations forbid their pension plans from investing in companies who did work in or for South Africa. As a result, many large multinational companies pulled out of South Africa and the nation rapidly found itself more and more isolated. By 1994, less than 10 years after this song was released, a truly democratic government was elected.

  • Jenny from Lima, Peruwell i just wanna say that the apartheid in S.A still ! I WAS IN SUN CITY PRISON AND IN THERE LIFE IS HARD FOR WHITE PEOPLE..
  • Theo from Johannesburg, South Africaactually, apartheid in SA ended in '94 when the first democratic government was established. ironically, Sun City is now slang for Johannesburg Central Prison!
  • Don from Newmarket, CanadaA brilliant, powerful call to arms. Little Steven rallied some of the greatest voices in popular music to help him deliver this stinging broadside.
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