About That Life

Album: About That Life (2013)
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  • I'm a bad motherfucker not a fucking role model
    Fuck church, hit a bong, then go smash a fucking bottle
    Got a few sluts to help me roll a few blunts
    And they never question me cause they know I hate cunts
    Eat my words and swallow my sentences
    Here we go you fucking asshole
    Living off the dirt on my shoes, does it keep you alive?

    What about that life

    Hold me accountable
    You're itching for the money that I use to wipe my ass
    Here's some shitty Benjamin's
    Too bad they'll never help you buy some fucking class

    Trapped in a world where money controls you
    Hustle hard or be a piece of shit
    Watching the tears rolling down your face
    I'm throwing away diamonds

    I like a bad bitch
    She fucks me all night
    Then she counts my money while I'm on my play station
    Every moment's always filled with sensation
    Always fucking blazing America's my nation
    I wouldn't have it any other fucking way
    I'm about this fucking life I hustle hard and then I play
    Put your lips on my dick so you can taste success
    That's the shit swallow and don't spit

    What about that life

    Trapped in a world where money controls you
    Hustle hard or be a piece of shit
    Watching the tears rolling down your face
    I'm throwing away diamonds
    On and on it never stops till the money's gone
    Rip this bong and get yo money bitch start stacking the paper

    I had diamonds but I threw them away 'cause I don't give a fuck
    Suck my fuck
    She rides my dick like it's a merry go round
    And I just bust my nut on her

    Let me tell you something
    Tighter than a virgin
    Making money like a surgeon
    And we stack it to the roof
    Because my pockets started hurting
    Balling and hauling and taking over like I'm Stalin
    Got a few fucks but I do not give them to anyone.
    Holy shit
    I guess I'm really just about that life
    Publisher: CONCORD MUSIC PUBLISHING LLC, Songtrust Ave
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