Album: Ill Communication (1994)
Charted: 19
  • I can't stand it, I know you planned it
    I'mma set it straight, this Watergate
    I can't stand rockin' when I'm in here
    'Cause your crystal ball ain't so crystal clear
    So while you sit back and wonder why
    I got this fuckin' thorn in my side
    Oh my god, it's a mirage
    I'm tellin' y'all, it's sabotage

    So, so, so, so listen up, 'cause you can't say nothin'
    You'll shut me down with a push of your button
    But, yo, I'm out and I'm gone
    I'll tell you now, I keep it on and on

    'Cause what you see, you might not get
    And we can bet, so don't you get souped yet
    Scheming on a thing, that's a mirage
    I'm trying to tell you now, it's sabotage

    Our backs are now against the wall

    Listen all y'all, it's a sabotage
    Listen all y'all, it's a sabotage
    Listen all y'all, it's a sabotage
    Listen all y'all, it's a sabotage

    I can't stand it, I know you planned it
    I'mma set it straight, this Watergate
    But I can't stand rockin' when I'm in this place
    Because I feel disgrace because you're all in my face
    But make no mistakes and switch up my channel
    I'm Buddy Rich when I fly off the handle
    What could it be, it's a mirage
    You're scheming on a thing, that's sabotage Writer/s: ADAM HOROVITZ, ADAM NATHANIEL YAUCH, MICHAEL LOUIS DIAMOND
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Dzo from AtlantaI'm a beastie boy
    Since I was a child
    Bad to the bone
    And born to be wild
    I'm slow and low
    On the brass monkey
    I hold it now hit it
    You know that I'm funky
    It's time to get ill
    Fight for your right
    And then take a chill
    If it makes you sick
    Then take a pill
    I'm real
    And could never
    Be fake
    I'm to bad
    For goodness sake
    The crowd will shake
    Once I let the beat
    Now that it's going on
    I can't make it stop
    I started at the bottom
    Maybe I'll see the top
    And if you don't like
    The front
    Then you can take
    Up the rear
    And call me
    Paul Revere
    I'm intergalactic
    I'm outta here.
    Peace to all, MCA R.I.P.
    King at rock, Mike D. Love you always.
  • ApeSong's still as fresh as the video to be frank.
  • Nick from Ludlow, MaThe stop in the middle and the guitar picking up is epic as heck. Can't believe the song is 20 years old!
  • Rachel from Nashville, TnThis video is still widely regarded as one of the best videos of all time, and it's currently 18 years old. It's demonstrable proof of the staying power of true talent. On that note, I am devastated that there will be no more Beasties. (Unless of course they pull a Dr. Dre and resurrect MCA via Pepper's Ghost, God forbid.)
  • Ryan from Anahola, HiThis song is in Rock Band and Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.
  • Jeff from Austin, TxThe Beavis and Butthead episode was very funny. They were actually saying some stuff my friends and I were already saying. Obviously, we felt pretty cool that we and B&B were thinking the same things.
  • Thomas from Savannah, GaWhen I finally get my "man cave" up to specs, this video will play on a non-stop 24/7 loop on it's own TV in its own corner of the room. All hail the greatness that was 70's cop show cheese.
  • Susan from AirdrieI LOOOOOOOOVE this song! Totally cheers me up when I'm in an awful mood.
  • Don from East Van, Canadai like men- don ahluwalia
  • Anaïs from Paris, United Statesthere's an extract of sabotage in futurama
  • Ralph from Newton, MaGreat discussion fodder for a hilarious "Beavis and Butthead" episode.
  • Jakob from No Direction Home, OtherA brilliant video mixed with a brilliant song
  • Leon from Waterbury, CtA great, fun song.
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