Rock Me Tonite

Album: Signs of Life (1984)
Charted: 15
  • I'm rockin' tonite - I'm walkin' on air
    Gonna find me some trouble - gonna grab my share
    I want ya tonite - I want ya with me
    Make me guilty of love in the first degree

    You want it all right... we're goin' in style
    Say you walk right - you talk right - and your hair's so wild
    Snow-white - hey that's not what I mean
    We go down in the shadows and crawl between

    Moonlight in the city brings the magic to your eyes
    Freezin' a moment - leave me paralyzed
    Breathe an emotion - set it dancin' in my ear
    Bring on the rhythm when I hold you near

    Take me in your arms - roll me through the night
    Take me to your heart - rock me tonite

    You do it all right - you're passion to see
    You been schooled in the art of romancin' me
    Hold tight - you're in for a ride
    Can you feel the blood poundin' way down inside

    No one's stoppin' us now -
    We go down, down where the music's loud
    If it's all night - hey that's all right by me
    Go and play on my love - play it all for me

    Life's never easy - we can make it if we try
    Takin' our chances - face 'em side by side
    Live for the moment - on that we can agree
    Come and take me where I long to be


    A time for all... and all in time
    To slip beyond the border line
    Of who we are and where we long to be...
    When every night you hear the sound
    Of wakin' up and breakin' down
    You find a chance and heave it all away

    Chorus Writer/s: WILLIAM H SQUIER
    Publisher: Spirit Music Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Dave Jacobs from Fargo, North DakotaYup. This video was as dumb as a bag of hammers.
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