Dear Father

  • A childhood innocence was drowned in your tears
    The demons that you fought are feeding your fears
    The poisoned secrets of your life stand revealed
    The truth destroys you, its no longer concealed

    Dear father forsaken, you knew what you were doing
    In silence your violence has left my life in ruin
    Yeah, in ruin, yeah

    You preyed upon my flesh then prayed for my soul
    Belief betrayed by lust, the faith that you stole
    Indoctrination by a twisted desire
    The catechism of an evil messiah

    Dear father forgive me, I know just what I'm doing
    In silence this violence will leave your life in ruin
    Yeah, in ruin, yeah

    Preacher of theocracy hiding your hypocrisy
    Under false sanctity, holy phoney empathy
    You have taken my life
    Now it's your turn to die

    Can you sleep at night? when you close your eyes
    Do you think of all the pain from your lies?
    Or do you deny you're responsible
    For the victims of the sins you devised?

    What you gonna tell them when they ask you? well then
    Is your conscience pure in your heart?
    There is no exemption when you seek redemption
    For all the lives that you've torn apart

    Your molestations of the cross you defiled
    A man once holy now despised and reviled
    You took possession while confessing my sins
    And now you have to face whatever death brings, yeah

    Dear father forsaken, you knew what you were doing
    In silence your violence has left my life in ruin, yeah
    In ruin, yeah, yeah, yeah
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  • Tameron from Taft , CaThat's what I call a song for all the little ones that trusted those bastards...
  • Michael from Kissimmee, FlClearly the best song on the new album. Love the ending.
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