Electric Funeral

Album: Paranoid (1970)
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  • Reflex in the sky
    Warn you you're gonna die
    Storm coming, you'd better hide
    From the atomic tide
    Flashes in the sky turns houses into sties
    Turns people into clay
    Radiation minds decay

    Robot minds of robot slaves
    Lead them to atomic rage
    Plastic flowers, melting sun
    Fading moon falls upon
    Dying world of radiation
    Victims of mad frustration
    Burning globe of obscene fire
    Like electric funeral pyre

    Buildings crashing down to Earth's cracking ground
    Rivers turn to wood, ice melting to flood
    Earth lies in death bed, clouds for the dead
    Terrifying rain is a burning pain

    Electric funeral, electric funeral
    Electric funeral, electric funeral

    And so, in the sky
    Shines the electric eye
    Supernatural king
    Takes earth under his wing
    Heaven's golden chorus sings
    Hell's angels flap their wings
    Evil souls fall to hell
    Ever trapped in burning cells Writer/s: John Osbourne, Terence Butler, Tony Iommi, W.T. Ward
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  • Thomas Trobaugh from Usa Sioux City IaIt’s great that the meaning is influenced by the band.
  • Reply: Pearson From Hamm from EverywhereYou don't have to like it but in a way it kind of hypotheses a bunch of events that the most deadly animals ever, us humans, are completely capable of and would not surprise me if this song actually came to fruition
  • Pearson from HammI don’t like this song
    Because it talks about the entire world being destroyed and the sun melting and the moon crashing into earth
    And robots walking to an atomic cemetery
    And eyes melting into blood and buildings crashing down
  • Cindy from Pure DeliriumMy first learned Sabbath song on the guitar. Sabbath freakin Rules!!!
  • Gavin from LouisianaI know one of the big effects used is called "wah wah", if that helps.
  • Scott from Mdub, TxI thought this was going to tell me what effects are used on the guitar and vox?
  • Gabe from Borger, Txgod this song is awesome! i walked into my 6th hour class and my teacher was playing this and i heard the end and couldn't bear to not know the beginning
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