Album: A Different Kind Of Fix (2011)
  • Hey C-murder, who you who you hang with?
    Say Lil' Kevin Boy, you know I'm still makin' moves with thugs

    Part two nigga, ha ha all dem thugs get em up out there nigga
    I leave the house ten o'clock and jump in my lac
    Call my niggas fiend N Mac 'cause they got my back
    And even the one time you was tryin' to hack
    I still pack a strap and recock my gat
    Eliminatin' all my enemies tryin' to blind me
    I'm still makin' moves but it's hard to find me
    Steadily gettin' richer pursuin' my dreams
    I just cashed a check for three million D's
    I told why all niggas last year don't play no games
    Got dem no limit niggas out there callin' my name
    Went from sneakin' in stores to dem sell out shows
    Went from crime to rhyme already did my time
    I say you don't want to go to war wit me
    I got hot boy n' big swoll wit me
    Just some more ghetto muthafuckas ridin' wit me
    'Cause makin' moves wit thugs is a hobby


    All my homies know that deal
    If you thuggin' keep it real
    Don't forget to pack that steel
    In case we got some caps to peel
    You know that deal this thug's for real
    We pack that steel, got caps to peel

    How many niggas want to ride wit me?
    Throw a party thug girls get wild wit me,
    It's involved wit green nigga bother P
    Fifty-six million like they lottery,
    From the Charlotte Hornets to MTV
    How many patnas do you see when I'm on TV?
    And if I get cut I'm gonna buy that team
    'Cause I made my money from that triple beam
    I lived that life of a dealer nigga hangin' wit killas
    I fucked around and come back to slangin' keys
    But that's alright cause these niggas get paid
    Young niggas gonna be thugs to the grave

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