Darlington County

Album: Born In The U.S.A. (1984)
  • Driving in to Darlington County
    Me and Wayne on the Fourth of July
    Driving in to Darlington County
    Looking for some work on the county line
    We drove down from New York City
    Where the girls are pretty but they just want to know your name
    Driving in to Darlington City
    Got a union connection with an uncle of Wayne's
    We drove eight hundred miles without seeing a cop
    We got rock and roll music blasting off the T-top, singing

    Sha la la, sha la la la la
    Sha la la la, la la la
    Sha la la, sha la la la la
    Sha la la la, la la la

    Hey little girl, standing on the corner
    Today's your lucky day for sure, all right
    Me and my buddy, we're from New York City
    We got two hundred dollars, we want to rock all night
    Well girl, you're looking at two big spenders
    Why, the world don't know what me and Wayne might do
    Our pa's each own one of the World Trade Centers
    For a kiss and a smile, I'll give mine all to you
    Come on baby, take a seat on my fender
    It's a long night, and tell me, what else were you gonna do?
    Just me and you, we could

    Sha la la, sha la la la la
    Sha la la la, la la la
    Sha la la, sha la la la la
    Sha la la la, la la la

    Little girl, sitting in the window
    Ain't seen my buddy in seven days, play it boys
    County man tells me the same thing
    He don't work and he don't get paid

    Little girl, you're so young and pretty
    Walk with me and you can have your way
    And we'll leave this Darlington City
    For a ride down that Dixie Highway

    Driving out of Darlington County
    My eyes seen the glory of the coming of the Lord
    Driving out of Darlington County
    Seen Wayne handcuffed to the bumper of a state trooper's Ford

    Sha la la, sha la la la la
    Sha la la la, la la la
    Sha la la, sha la la la la
    Sha la la la, la la la

    Sha la la, sha la la la la
    Sha la la la, la la la
    Sha la la, sha la la la la
    Sha la la la, la la la

    Sha la la, sha la la la la
    Sha la la la, la la la
    Sha la la, sha la la la la
    Sha la la la, la la la Writer/s: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN
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  • Alan from Forest Acres, ScDarlington County's county seat is located in Darlington, SC, home of the Southern 500 (and the Rebel 500 when this song was written). Darlington is the oldest super speedway on the NASCAR circuit and is known to fans as the track too tough to tame--it opened in 1949. What Springsteen describes happening to this unfortunate foreigner (the word Yankee comes to mind, with longhair a close second) was not unusual in 1978 or in 1984 when the song was finally released. The folks in that part of the state didn't take too kindly to "invaders" such as Yankees and longhairs, and the police would generally make life tough on them if they weren't there to see the race!
  • Hedrek from Los Angeles, Ca"Why the world don't know what me and Wayne might do" Freaking hilarious. Never thought Bruce had much wit until this, the whole song taking the piss out of the young dumb American male itching to prop up his leisure time with wild adventures. What was Wayne handcuffed to at the end, the State Trooper's Ford? I revise my earlier statement: f--king hilarious.
  • Frank from Lexington, KyWhen you listen to the fade out of this song, there is an obscenity. It's Bruce saying it but he is singing as the character in the song. You may have to turn up the stereo to hear it as the song fades out.
  • J.e. from Fredrick, MdThis is a good song. I am from Maryland but now I live in Columbia, South Carolina. I have been to
    Darlington County (but not the famous raceway). Btw I'm not ashamed of living in SC but just too lazy to change my profile.
  • Gene from San Diego, CaOkay, Mary is crazy. And Jerry, I think you are right about the prostitute thing. But it isn't about the prostitute, as much as it is about a good time in the city. Great song, love the rythm.
  • Mike from Hueytown , AlThis may be my all time favorite Springsteen song. It'll bring chills down your spine
  • Mary from St Petersburg, FlI am intrigued that he mentioned the trade center towers years before the 9/11 happened, I always knew my man Bruce was a visionary but darlin ya beat me to it, I can usually predict what is going to happen next, and if i had heard the words of your songs years ago as plain as I hear them now, then maybe my prayers of faith and love and hope might have been heard sooner.
    It is about a young girl hitching around the country like I did and I wish I had met up with a band long ago. Use my name all you please, I love all your music and adore you Bruce I am a diehard energizer bunny fan 4 real. PS Jerry I been to Broken arrow, but can't say I ever prostituted, my pretty smile got me all I ever wanted and my style was a little above being such as those who sell their body and soul, although i been propositioned, I never succumbed to selling my body at all, so I disagree, its not all about a prostitue see , the song says something else only a visionary can see...
  • Jerry from Broken Arrow, Oki'm pretty sure its about picking up a prostitute
  • Tyler from Hamilton, CanadaA lot of people associate Wayne to being Steve Zan Vandt
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